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Updated: Today
Google Nest Aware Subscription issues Anyone else having issues with subscriptions purchased in the google store? Paid for a year subscrip…
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My Nest Protect keeps saying low battery even with brand new batteries One of my Nest Protect units keeps giving low battery warnings even when I put in fresh batteries. I…
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Can I program my Google Home Mini to only respond to my voice? This is my first Google Home device and I find the settings somewhat confusing. I would like to know… why won't Spotify work on my Google home mini? HELP! my Google home mini is being wonky. when I ask it to play something on Spotify, it'll skip thr…
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How do I turn off the confirmation when giving a command to Google home mini? Help for the love of God!!!!!! Result of Mesh network test for wired cable to each wifi point still shown "Weak" I have setup Google Wifi with Mesh Network as below Modem/Router --[NAT]--> Google WIFI (Primary) --… Nest thermostat with power issues, won’t stay charged and overheating when charged with USB. I have a 2 year old Nest Thermostat that’s having power issues. The first 18 months it worked great,…
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Add room to Google home Add a room
0 Recommended Answers 29 Replies 96 Upvotes
Nest doorbell only works when linked via usb. The two points at the back dont seems to work. I have used the USB which works and I have then wired up the doorbell. I have followed all the instr…
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Nest Protect says new batteries are dead My Nest Protect battery no longer works. The unit goes through brand new alkaline batteries within a… Airprint does not work on Google Nest Wifi Router I just installed the Google Nest Wifi Router. I have two routers, one operating as a wifi point in a… Can't link Smart Life devices to Google Home App Hey, I have bought a Universal Infrared Blaster from Smart Life. From the Smart Life app, it's all g… How can I connect my nest smoke alarm to my sprinkler system. Currently my kiddie smokes using relay How can I connect my nest smoke alarm to my sprinkler system. Currently my kiddie smokes are connect…
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How do I stop assistant from constantly saying "by the way if you want to send a reply let me know" I am trying to stop Assistant from automatically responding with "by the was if you want to reply le… Is a split system dual or single? I’m trying to install myself but I’m not sure if I have a dual or single fuel system. I asked my lan…
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Are there any heat detectors that can be interlinked with the Nest Smoke/CO alarm? MA State law requires a heat detector (only) be placed in a garage and be interlinked with smoke/CO …
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 3 Upvotes
nest doorbell - add speed of passing cars - possible with known distant from road to door input. Just a suggestion.
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Why can’t I use my own hard drive or cloud storage instead of Google’s cloud subscriptions? I would like to use my own hard drive or cloud space to store the history of activity from my Nest d…
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How do I set a Google Home routine to play the news and then play music? Hi there! Love my new Google Home but noticed an odd and undesireable behavior when trying to custom… Can I use Nest protect in Massachusetts? The latest Massachusetts fire code requires that battery operated smoke detectors have non-replaceab…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 7 Upvotes
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