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Updated: Today
I have a google nest. Cold air is not blowing, or the house cooling. Seems like fan is running. Help Hi! Someone please help. Last night I noticed the house was warm, I checked the thermostat and it re…
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My Nest thermostat is blinking green with a black screen. I have tried all troubleshooting ideas. I have removed the device and reattached, charged the device, pressed for 10 seconds to restart. Not… Google home won't change Nest thermostat to eco mode. I used to be able to have my Google home mini set my best thermostat to eco mode no problem. I recen… Can't connect my Nest account to my Google Home account So I got a Nest Doorbell last year and connected it to my Google account. Now I'm trying to setup my…
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how do I load photo frame from web how can I load photo frame with photos from the web based version of google photos?
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Nest Thermostat 3rd generation keeps blinking green I have two next 3rd generations installed in my home. They worked perfectly. Then randomly both show…
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Issue with Nest Protect draining batteries I've had to change my batteries in one of my Nest Protects multiple times. It happened first about 3… Using two nest routers and Ethernet to coax adapters for wired backhaul Will using two nest routers in combination with MoCA adapters as in diagram work to effectively crea…
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My Nest thermostat will not detect any WiFi networks (trying to re-connect to new router). I am trying to connect my Nest thermostat to a new WiFi network (after getting a new router). When s… RTE Gold has stopped play on the google nest mini 2nd gen. When initially setup RTE Gold would play. Everything was ok for about 3 days then it just stopped pl…
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Nest thermostat(Gen 3) heat ON/OFF schedule working inconsistently. Auto schedule & Home/Away is OFF My Nest Thermostat (Generation 3) heating ON/OFF schedule is not working consistently. Though I am a…
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My Google mini says "something went wrong" when asking Netflix to play on Chromecast enabled tv. I have rebooted my speakers my Chromecast devices and cleared my cache on my phone and computer just… Can i connect Google Nest to a RJ11 output? So I got my google nest today, but the output in my wall is a phone jack also called RH11, can I buy…
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My nest thermostat is offline since 1 month. Tried all troubleshootig but not showing any WiFi netwo My nest thermostat is offline and not showing any available WiFi networks since one month. The anoth…
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Anyone got a resolution to nest protect battery issue tried all the poor solutions in current posts Whatever batteries I use nest claims the are flat in about 2 weeks and reset doesn’t work google / n… Has anyone successfully changed to a new WiFi network on 2nd Gen Nest Protect via the iOS app? Has anyone with 2nd gen Protects been able to successfully changed the WiFi network via the iOS Nest…
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Nest thermostat will not connect to App I have 7 Google Nest devices in my home (yes I have 7 A/C units). I installed them about a year ago.…
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Someone set up a pin on my Nest Thermostat and it is unregistered to the app. How do i reset it? I cant use my air conditioner because one of my residents has created a pin unknown to me before I r…
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Air Cooling turns on and off I found a previous post but the answer seems inconclusive. My cooling turns on and off. However, if …
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Recent update to Google WiFi has caused issues with the mesh and connection speeds. All the following problems started happening a few days ago (around the 16th March 2020), prior to t…
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