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Why won't IFTTT allow Airthings to communicate to Nest fan when C02 threshold is reached? Learning how connected device's interact via IFTTT has allowed me to think of a marvelous function. …
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can't get Google home app to download. Had before but wouldn't update so uninstalled won't reinstall my Google home app was telling me to update but it wouldn't update so I uninstalled it and try to re…
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For sam reason i can't found my netgear in the net My Wi-Fi is working but the nest I can found my Netgear27 I don't no and my computer is not working
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How do i voice enable Google Home devices so speaker groups can be voice controlled?? I have set up my google nest hub max, google home max and two google home mini speakers throughout m… Nest Secure EOL? Nest Secure no longer available? WTF!!!
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I have tried reset on my nest it says it’s connected to WiFi. But will not shows on iPhone Everything. And now I can control the nest thermostat from my iPhone
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Can't sign in to Nest on any device I have for a few days not been able to access my Nest account. It's migrated with my gmail. In the i…
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I only want the freeze alarm option, is that free? I only want the freeze alarm do I need a subscription for that?
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Hi I need a new mounting magnet and aluminum wall plate, I lost them when moving for another house. Hi I need a new mounting magnet and aluminum wall plate, I lost them when moving for another house. …
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I keep getting.....could not communicate with your google home mini My google mini was working but now I get that can not communicate error. I've tried everything. Andr…
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Can I manually add a familiar face? Want to manually add a familiar face My thermostat has stopped connecting to wifi Have gone through all the steps in the troubleshooting docs. Reset modem, thermostat, and wifi. Noth… The playback of the nest recordings will not play video, just sound, in the “see all history” sectio The video won’t play back, just sound, in the “seeall history” section of nest recordings. The first…
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Can't login to the Nest app on apple TV There is an app for Apple TV for Nest, but I can't login to it?
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Issue with Nest Protect draining batteries I've had to change my batteries in one of my Nest Protects multiple times. It happened first about 3…
0 Recommended Answers 1494 Replies 606 Upvotes
Nest protect hot batteries Hi I just had the same issue with the nest protect as others. Looks like google is trying to keep it…
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How do I change my time setting? It only starts recording at 7 am I need it earlier Where can I adjust my time settings on my nest camera?
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Nest thermostat 3rd gen. humidity sensor not working and always shows 0. I already tried all the troubleshooting described such as: - taking the display off for 5 secs putti…
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Where is my replacement? Case Number 11105262 On September 4, I was told by Nest live chat support (Jamie A.) to expect a fol…
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Where is my replacement Thermostat Hi, I am waiting for a replacement device to be sent out. I have tried emailing you for an update bu…
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