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Updated: Yesterday
How do I know if I have wired my nest gen 3 learning thermostat correctly? When the heat comes on it is not blowing out hot air but instead it is blowing cold air. What do I n…
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How to restrict guest access to certain devices? I purchased some smart WiFi connected garage door opener modules. They link to my Google account and… Outside temperature wrong due to Google showing wrong weather when searching by ZIP code. The outside temperature/weather shown on Nest is wrong for my location. This is due to an issue with… When asked to turn off, Google said power controls not supported. Unplug several times and factory reset. Nest Doorbell Chime Connector Hi, I recently purchased a Google Nest Doorbell. I've been trying to get it to chime on my existing …
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When my thermostat is set to home away when I arrive home how does the thermostat know what temp to When my thermostat is set to home away when I arrive home how does the thermostat know what temp to Nest Camera not responding after migration We recently moved house. My old "home" has been deleted from my Google Home account but still hasn't…
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Turn off Google Home responses for home automation commands Is there a way to turn off responses from the Google Home for automation commands (ie. Turn on the l… App can’t locate device but WiFi is working My WiFi is set up and working but the app tries to initiate set up when I open it and then can’t loc… Google Home Add User Error: 'Cant send invitation - User account cannot share structures' Trying to add a new user and the following error occurs: 'Cant send invitation - User account cannot… Why isn’t “Ring” displayed in the Google Product Partners List when it shows on Nest Product page? It is Clearly displayed on the Google Nest Hub Website web page that it indeed works with the “Ring”…
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How do I unlink an app that says linked but isn’t? I’m trying to link Smart Life app to my Google Home and I have input the wrong login info. It states…
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When will the new nest aware subscription plan available to upgrade from the old plan in the US? I am looking to upgrade my nest aware subscription to the newly announced plan. I am unable to find …
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Why is nest home have a green circle around it? Usually home screen on nest thermostat has a blue circle but today it is green what does that mean?
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