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YouTube won’t cast. I’m using my IPad with my chromecast to watch YouTube, but it doesn’t. 0 Recommended Answers 63 Replies 353 Upvotes
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Last edited 3/7/19
I’ve updated both Google Home and YouTube. I tried turning everything off, unplugging everything and restarting. It doesn’t ask me where to cast to, it doesn’t come up on my TV, it works intermittently. Once in a while it will work and then the next time it stops.
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Last edited 1/30/19
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When you're in YouTube are you seeing the cast option? Does the option show up on another device? If not try closing out of YouTube and opening again, if you're still not seeing it you may need to Factory reset your Chromecast and re-set it up. This should allow you to cast.
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I've done this numerous times and still nothing
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Could it be a wifi related issue? I had a similiar problem once and it was because of a few different wifi related issues at different times:
1) Are you sure you're connected to the same wifi as the device?  There are situations that can pop up like if you use a google router behind an ISP router but yet they both broadcast their SSID.  It can make it so you connect to one 'wifi network' while your device is connected to another. 
2) If you're attempting to cast from a phone that is connected to your carriers network instead of the wifi.
3) If you're setting up any home automation between the multiple signals bouncing around can cause interference.
4) If you have multiple accounts your device might be hooked into one while you're logged into another
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I'm having this same problem. We watch YouTube and cast all day. It works on my phone and chrome cast shows but when I cast it, it pauses and won't cast.
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I’m having the same problem with my iPad, but somehow only YouTube is affected. Other apps still cast correctly, but when I go to YouTube and click the cast button, it says “no devices available.”
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It's not just YouTube, it's also Spotify and Pandora and whatever else. Has to do with the cast feature.
Must have been from the update that enable continued conversations. I know before that it would work fine I use it everyday then all of a sudden we have continued conversations and it doesn't. Have contacted Google at first they told me to contact Nvidia because it's being cast to a shield have talked customer service Representatives at Nvidia we went over every possible thing and figure it out it wasn't the shield but the Google home hub itself. Since that I've checked my Lenovo smart display and the same thing continued conversations now on that and I also no cast features work.. but yeah I can ask my shield the cast to the Google home hub and or Lenovo smart display and it works backwards. Everyone should be contacting Google with putting in that bug report... The more knowledgement they get the more resources they will put in for a fix. But as I said they openly told me that there's a known issue now...

Anyone come with a fix please feel free to share. I remove devices I've added them again I cleared to the devices and re-added them. Everything I could think of restarts reboots nothing works
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I have the same issue. I have reset Chromecast numerous times, i have uninstalled and reinstalled Youtube and also even the google home app. I have even gone so far as to try various different routers. Still only works intermittendly.
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After my comment this morning, i sat with this a while longer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled youtube before and it did not work. What i did tonight was to uninstall Google Home, Chromecast, Youtube and Google Chrome(I suspect this one might have been unnessesary) and reinstalled them all. Now it works like a charm.
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3 days
I went into Settings and found the Apple TV app had something switched on , I switched it off and hey presto !, iPad working on chromcast again 👍
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