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My nest humidity sensor is 10% higher than a hygrometer located next to it (and one internal to a dehumidifier).  There is no more than a dime size hole for the wires to come through the drywall.  There is an air vent somewhat overhead but that typically has made the humidity reading lower, not higher, than the true level.  I am considering installing a dedicated dehumidifier but can’t rely on the nest to control it given these errors.  Should I ask for a replacement?  Any other ideas?
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We have the same issue. Recently installed Nest E in our rental home. It shows 64% humidity. Independent Hygrometer shows 49%. I could understand a percent or two, but 15%? Anything over 57% is unhealthy and allows mold/mildew to form. What else could be causing this? We have a brand new HVAC system running and it's nice and cool. It's mounted on an interior wall, in the middle of the house. Hygrometer is maybe 5' away.
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Hey folks,
Thanks for bringing this up. Just a few questions, are you only experiencing this with humidity? How about the ambient temperature? There's a few factors that could affect the this. Please check the proximity of the following to your thermostat: 
  • Air vents that direct warm air across the thermostat
  • Electrical outlets
  • Appliances - including large televisions
  • Plumbing (hot water pipes in old buildings are frequently uninsulated!)
  • Other potential heat sources
  • Warm air in the wall behind the thermostat
Hope this helps.
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None of your things to check apply to our installation. The issue is with humidity only.

I believe there is a fundamental issue with the Nest E humidity sensor.
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Hi 4StarDad,
Thanks for your response.
I sent you a private message. Please check your inbox.
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1 day
Don't need you to reach out privately Edward. I got your email saying you couldn't find my account and we've already discussed this ad nauseum. You guys haven't made any effort to fix the problem aside from suggesting a loosening of the backplate. That's shameful. Do us all a favor. Either fix the product, or admit that you cannot. A recall is probably warranted at this point if Google/Nest cannot or will not fix it via a firmware update.
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