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OPI have a sensor in my nursery. I want my nursery to cool to 72°. In order for this to happen it makes our downstairs around 66°. Can Nest recognize that the house thermostat is below 70° and just move the cool air around the house using the fan. 66° is not comfortable and I feel a waste of energy. Airwave is on but maybe it doesn't work like I think it is supposed to. Any way to prevent this huge discrepancy? I do not have a damper in the ductwork that goes downstairs or I would probably just adjust that.
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I am very much hoping that the functionality of the additional sensors in the Nest system is expanded. More accurately, I'm hoping that the Nest software system and associated logic is expanded to more fully utilize the possibilities of additional sensors. Some houses cannot be easily "re-zoned" into multi-zone systems and the use of additional sensors would be a very cost-effective solution.
Just like the original poster suggested, the sensors could be used to detect when the remote space may have a temperature differential beyond a set variable of degrees. When, for example, the upstairs is more than X degrees hotter than the main level, and the main level has already reached the desired set temperature, then the fan will circulate the warm air from upstairs throughout the system, thus "stirring" the air. This might perhaps raise the temperature of the Main level, but that's when the compressor comes back on to cool further. The compressor only comes on when needed. The fan, which uses only a fraction of the energy of the compressor, will do most of the work.
The only drawback I would have is that my home's duct work is a bit leaky in places that aren't easily accessible, so I'll have a bit more energy loss, and perhaps unnecessary humidity gain. But I strongly suspect the energy savings and comfort level attained in keeping my upstairs and downstairs more equalized would be worth it.
All we need is a little more programming logic created; and actually quite simple logic at that: If the difference between Main Thermostat and Remote Thermostat(s) is beyond X degrees (user set variable) , then run the fan until the difference is under set variable. Easy Peasy Google Programmers! LETS GET IT DONE!
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Hi Michael,
Welcome to Google Nest Community Forum.
We'll gladly have this passed along to the right team as we're looking for ways to improve our products and their features. Please always check this forum and our social channel for the updates. 

Thanks for your feedback!
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Michael try ifttt.. It's been helping me bridge the gap so far with some of the shortcomings in between some of these long waits for feature updates. It must not be simple enough programming to still keep us consumers waiting for now, what's turning into years.
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