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I keep having issues with recurring alarms on my Google home hub, but I don't see any reports of this in the community - am I the only one with the issue or is no one attempting to use this device as an alarm clock?
I have a recurring weekday alarm set for 7am to wake me to a radio station. Almost every other day, there is an issue - it either doesn't go off at all or it goes off to the standard alarm tone instead of the radio station. I can sorta live with the standard alarm, but it is unacceptable that it doesn't go off at all. Having to set a backup alarm on another device really defeats the purpose. Chat agent support has been friendly, but not helpful. Nor is reporting the error via the feedback feature. If this keeps screwing up, I'm going to have no choice but to return the device as defective.
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I'm having this same issue. I have not had my recurring media alarm to successfully alarm correctly beyond the initial day. The device keeps forgetting I have an alarm set until I summons the Google Assistant to tell me about my alarm settings. Even then, it either alarms with a general alarm, alarms with a silent alarm, or doesn't alarm at all, instead of playing the radio as it was originally set to do. I had high hopes for this device but it looks like I will need to return to using my clock radio for my morning alarm.
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Hey folks, 
I can only imagine how inconvenient it is to not have your alarm working as needed. We currently have some issues where users are not being able to set music alarms successfully on the Google Home Hub. The team is currently investigating and we are asking that you send feedback using the keywords, "Not able to set music alarm". 
For more instructions on how to send feedback, please visit here.
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I have exactly the same problem as those reported on this page. I have Google Home, Google Home Hub, and Google Minis. Additionally, I have a Lenovo Smart Display.

This issue only arises on the Google Home Hub and the Lenovo Smart Display, and not on the Google Home or Minis. From what I understand, there is a different operating system on the two hub devices, so it's definitely a software issue that I hope can be resolved.
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Just want to say I have the same issue. Alarm successfully set to "weekdays", "5:45 AM", "Radio 1" on Google Home Hub display. The first day it worked, but the second day the alarm showed on the screen without the radio part, completely silent. I have connected the Google Home speaker to my network and account after the first day BTW, but I haven't tried alarm on this second device...
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Hi Rachel,

I’m based in the UK,  I had a GH that, due to firmware version could not perform an alarm, which had a radio station assigned.  Then after a few weeks, an update occurred and I could set a repeating weekday alarm with a radio station and that worked perfectly.  I then went away for 2 weeks, Starting August 12th, I cancelled the alarms.  On my return I set the alarm up again, but it shows the station, on the screen, it may make a short sound, but that is it.  I assume there must have been an update as my home wireless network is the same as it was before.  

The GH could be excellent and if it was reliable, then I get all my kids units.


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