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Last edited 9/3/19
I have seen a few posts on the community and FAQ regarding this so I apologize for reposting. 
I have tried a few different troubleshooting recommendations. Looking for any further assistance or ideas to get this corrected. I do not want to purchase more nest products or "works with nest" unless this is corrected.

I've cleared the browser's cache/cookies, reboot the computer, disable all antivirus/ad blocker programs as well as added to the trusted websites lists. Tried accessing the account through the home & work WIFI networks. I have adjusted the video quality to the lowest setting for all products. I do not have a Wi-Fi extender as my place does not require it. Multiple browsers were used as well. 

I am only getting the circle loading screen when trying to access via internet browsers. The app on both phones works just fine. 

I have the following products: 
3x Nest Indoor Cameras
1x Hello Doorbell
1x Nest X Yale Lock
1x Thermostat (Gen 3)
1x Nest Secure Alarm
2x Nest Temp Sensor
3x Nest Detect Sensor
2x Nest Tag
2x Nest Connect

Internet connection is via Century Link, I pay for 80 Mbps & according to speedtest.net that speed is accurate. I also pay for the Nest Cellular Backup as well as 2x Nest Aware Subscriptions. 

Thank you,

(Edited/Added Info 9/3/19)
As the Community Specialist "Roxelle G" recommended to use the app to get into the settings to adjust cookies.
I get to step #2 Hit Advanced. There is NO advance option there or anything referencing Site Settings or Cookies. I checked this on 2 mobile phone apps as well as the web browser and none of them have these options.

Thank you users: Binary Jay, Suz M, RemoteHome, Williane Tenca, David Malin 9380, Paul K 1644 & jersey boy for all of your comments confirming the same issues with no resolve as of today.
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I just tried it myself using Chrome and while login did take a while longer than I would have expected (spinning nest logo) it did continue and log in normally.
Try logging into the website on your phone, or a different PC, and see if the issue persists to rule out whether it's your device or your network.  If it still doesn't work on the same network you're trying to get on with, try over LTE on your phone if possible as well.
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Nest homepage works with Safari but not on Chrome. I get an error message and it will not load. Husband's PC will not load webpage on Chrome either.
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Same here.  No webpage access.  No place to view my Nest account online, only a mobile app.  The site is gone on Chrome.   This is extremely frustrating with these changes.  Lights on, no web page to view video on a large screen.
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Still not working. Frustrating, agree.
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Nothing really to add: except to say same issue! Does not work with Chrome but will work on Firefox on same PC (so that eliminates a number of mentions I have seen on the forums where anti virus is the cause). Android phone and IPad are also working fine.
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So Nest is now owned by Google but the website won't work in Google's browser anymore.  hmmmm
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I thought Google is an empire run by the tech wiz/billionaires. I have same problem, unable to view the Nest while OK with Safari, iPhone and iPad. made five telephone calls, five higher level wiz support and I am having same problem. used to be one click with chrome but Safari needs three separate click to open Nest.
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Hey Folks,
Welcome to Google Nest Community Forum.
The Nest app lets you set up, control, and see the status of your Nest products. To be able to use the Nest app, your phone, tablet, wearable, TV, or computer needs to meet some minimum requirements. Check out this link below for more information,

Here are some steps that might help to fix this:

1. Click the  3 dots on top right corner and select Settings.
2. Hit Advanced.
3. Under Privacy and Security, go to Site Settings.
4. Under Site Setting, click on Cookies.
5. At the bottom of that page in the Allow section, add "accounts.google.com" and save it. 

For more info, check out this link

Hope it helps!
Last edited 8/31/19
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it worked...thanks!
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1 day
Adding accounts.google.com worked! Thank you, that was the ticket
Last edited 1 day ago
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