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I'm looking for advice on how to configure and manage a Google Home for multiple residences. Due to the keywords, most searches turn up info on how to manage multiple Google Home devices on one network, or accessing from multiple accounts.

Being a northern US "snowbird" I spend time at two homes. Up north during the warm months, down south in the winter. I have multiple Google devices in addition to other home automation devices at the northern home which I manage and use with the Google Home app. I've now arrived down south and I'm trying to decide how to configure and manage the second environment.

Do I continue to use the same Google account and set up different "rooms" or groups?

Should I use a different gmail/Google account and set up and entirely different home?

Or are there other options I haven't considered?

Further complicating things, several of the devices migrate with me since they would sit idle at the alternative location when no one was there.  But this is a sideline problem I could manage once I better understand the issues above.

Each option seems to have differing pros and cons.  I'd appreciate advice from others who may have solved the same problem(s).

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Hey lakeguy55, no worries, this should be easy unless you use the same WiFi network name in both places. So here's what you do down and dirty: 

Use the same account -- set up everything on the 2nd home's network (make sure your handheld is on the same wifi of course), add rooms and such as you normally do. Smart devices not on the same network (meaning those in the house up North) won't be available to you to control from the handheld through the Home app -- some things might be exceptions as they may work on your cell network. When you go back North, when you put your phone on the same network, everything will be as it was.

To save your sanity, I would name your rooms differently in the second Home, say Snowbird Living Room or even the city name...whatever helps you recognize that a particular light or appliance belongs to the different homes. Give a shout if you have questions or if we've left anything out that you think you might need.
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Thanks.  That helped me get started. 

I created a second home without problem. One of the things that was confusing was that I had 13 devices that had not been assigned rooms so they kept showing up in the second home.  In hindsight, makes sense, and once I assigned them to the north home and rooms, they showed up correctly in only one place (and as you said, could not be controlled since they weren't on the same network)

Ironically, I did end up deleting all of them anyway until I figure out another issue.

Many of my home automation devices are Insteon devices. The problem is that in order to link to the Insteon service, you need to log into their service.  I had each home set up using a different account, and Home will only link to one of them.  I believe I can set up both Insteon installations under one account.  But that's an issue for another day.

One other thing that's a bit confusing but manageable is that all my Google devices show up in both homes even though they are assigned to specific homes and rooms.  For example, my southern Chromecast and Home mini devices show up at the bottom of the northern home list under "Other Cast Devices". I assume this is because they are being seen on the LAN, and if I were to go north the opposite would be true.  I'd see the northern case devices at the bottom of the southern home list.

Thanks again.  Southern Google Homes up and running!
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The devices I see are Chromecasts and Home Mini's. 

If I'm looking at the south home while there (namely on the south LAN), I only see the devices I expect to see that have been set up for that house.

But if I switch to view northern house, while still on the south LAN, I see the "Other Cast Devices" listed at the bottom of the device list. My suspicion is that it's because it's detecting any cast devices on the LAN and simply listing what it sees. 

If it was associated with the account, then I would expect to see the "north" cast devices listed when looking at the south list.  They aren't...

Oh, and I don't golf... Diving!

Thanks again for all your help and advice.
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Can i just use my Google home using a wifi dongle from Telstra 
i've filled out enough forms to play my spotify music 
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