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Hi I have home automation through a Google Home - Pariot bridge to my home automation system (connected as a Linked Service). In there, I have set up switches connected to the curtains. The switch is set up with the device name "curtains". I control them in multiple rooms,  with different Google mini's.

I can always open and close them by saying"Ok Google, Turn off the curtains" and "Turn on the curtains"

On some days I can say: "Ok Google, close the curtains" and she responds "Sure, turning off the curtains". Same with "Open the curtains"

But most of the times, she would respond: It looks like this device has not been set yet..."

So why does Google Home not consistently recognize the word "Close" and even worse, think the device does not exist when I used that word? There are some weeks it works perfect, and then weeks that it does not work most of the time.
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Please contact your home automation or curtain company about your issue using their devices with Google Assistatn and reply here with your findings.
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Hi Pieter,
As James suggests, please report this to the appropriate third party developers. As a workaround, you may also wish to consider setting up a custom routine for the phrase "close the curtains".
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Thanks Sandie,
Unfortunately Custom Routines are not available in my Google Home.
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Sandy, James,
Not sure my question was clear. I have a switch. Anything could be connected to a switch. I just connected it to curtains. Google home recognizes it as a switch, with on and off. The switch works in Google home.

I gave the switch the alias "Curtains" in Google home. 

So my problem is not with my automation company.

My problem is that Google home recognizes "Turn of/on the <switch alias>" and inconsistently recognizes "Close/Open the <switch alias>". 

Some weeks it works every day, some weeks it does not at all. 
When it works, I say "Close the curtains", and she responds "Okay, turning off the curtains".

Just now I said "Open the Desk Light", and she answered, "Sorry, not sure how to help with that yet". I then said "Close the Desk Light", and she responded with "Okay, turning of the Desk" ("Desk" is the alias of one of my lights). I did that multiple times. I got variations in the answers, but with the same result. 

My ask is for consistency. I look forward to routines, if I can use it to teach google different words.

Thanks for your help,
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Thanks for the response Pieter, hopefully the Pariot updates will resolve these issues for you. I've taken a look at the Pairot website so in the future I'll know a little more about them!  
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