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I’ve called customer support many times after sending my google home hub to them after it wouldn’t turn on completely the lady I spoke to told me to put the charger in the box with the google home hub and send it in so I did. My replacement device showed up very fast but with no charger 😡. I immediately call google customer service and they give me the run around that someone will call me back within 24 hours I gave it 48 hours and when I received no call I called back got the same story the person we need to solve the problem is not in the office we will call you back double checked they had the right number they did and no call! so I call a third time tell them everything and  they apologized and said someone would call to resolve the issue it’s been three weeks still no call no email except for there survey email. which trust me at this point they don’t want to hear my real opinion of their customer service. So today I called the main google number talked to a lady who told me to post on here and see if they will help then. so here I am very unhappy with how I’ve been treated as a strictly google house hold. as someone who works in customer services I find this so disrespectful  and from a multi million dollar company no less. they can manage to send a charger to someone they did dirty and was really nice about it up to this point.
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Help me with deleting duo calls andctexts
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24 hours and someone will get to you look up been 3 days no reply
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They never gave me a reference number but every time I called I gave them my phone number and email address and the calls get recorded so maybe you can look it up that way?
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Hi Samantha,

Thank's for your prompt response.  

I’ll be following up with you via email using the email address used on the forum so I can assist you directly about your concern.  Please look out for my email. 


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Greetings. I contacted customer support last week about an issue with my camera having a red/pink tint over the entire lens. After them running through the standard troubleshooting techniques, to no avail, they issued a Support Case # (08279284) and stated they would be back in touch. That was several days ago and I haven’t heard from anyone. What are the next steps I need to take to get this resolved? I’ve purchased 10-12 of these cameras/doorbells and have never had an issue ...
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My issue began with my standard Google Home device disconnecting from wifi every night and therefore being unusable in the mornings. Eventually, it progressed to the point that it would do it every 5 hours or so. Nonetheless, I contacted support several times and had a 30 email's with a technician to fix the device. At which point he told me the warranty was void (its a one year warranty) and that "I should just forget about it and buy a new device". I don't know about you but I accept a $200 device to last longer than 1 year. I then asked to be contacted by a supervisor and was ignored 2 times. I then decided to call Google Home support to which a supervisor told me they would "Do everything in [their] power to make it right" and that they would call me tomorrow with what they could do to make it right. The next day came and they didn't call me back. I decided to call again the next day and spoke to the supervisor Kevin (the only one who was nice in all of this). He told me he was sorry for how I've been treated and would bump me up to a senior supervisor. That senior supervisor was Michelle and she told me she would issue a one-time warranty exemption provided I could prove I had more than one device. She then had me take a picture of all of my devices in the same room (7 standards, and 4 minis) along with the purchase receipt. I received no callback. I waited 2 days and called again, this time I was greeted by a senior supervisor by the name of Katrina who was EXTREMELY rude. At which point I asked to speak to her supervisor and was bumped up to "tier 2 technical support". I said "I want to be called back by the end of today" at least 10 times (I even had her repeat it) and guess what? I wasn't contacted. I called back at least 3 times and said I still haven't been contacted and each time I was told to just be patient. Finally, at 21:00 Dominic, a senior supervisor, contacted me and was the most unhelpful one of them all. He told me I was being irrational and that I wouldn't get a replacement as Michelle promised me. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me no and to stop asking to speak to him. I then asked why I can't be treated like a good customer (11 google home devices, 1 android watch, 1-pixel device, 3 androids, 3 chrome casts, google laptops, nest thermostats, nest cameras and more) he told me to stop asking and to just forget about it. I then told him how unhelpful he was and he threatened to end the call on me. In the end, I have received ZERO service, and have never been treated like a customer. From this day forward I will never purchase another google device. Keep in mind this is all because Google refused to replace a (now) $60.00 device that had a hardware issue.

PLEASE let me know if you have a corporate number I would love to provide some feedback.
Thanks, and please don't buy a Google Home or Nest device
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