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I have had 10 Philips Hue bulbs plus Hue Bridge across 5 rooms working with Google Home, Home Mini & Assistant successfully for the past 6 months. Today I added a new Hue bulb.

I had to unlink and then re-link my Philips Hue account to Google Assistant before the new bulb was added into Assistant. All of the rooms, lights and scenes came across from Hue into Assistant.

I now find that voice commands are very intermittent, for example - if I say "OK Google, turn on the Dining Room light" it responds with "sorry, i don't know which light you want to switch on", if I say "OK Google turn on the dining room lights" lightS rather than light, it says "OK, turning on 2 lights" but there is only 1 light in Assistant, Hue and in the actual room. I have the same issue for the bedroom, only 1 light, but I have to say lights for it to work. In the kitchen there are 4 lights, but when I ask Assistant to turn them on I get "Alright, turning 12 lights on"

If I say "OK Google, lights" whilst in the same room as the Home Mini I get a response of "It looks like Philips hue is unavailable at the moment" - although the 2 lights of the room I'm in do actually turn on

I have tried "OK Google, sync Philips Hue", I get a response of "OK, syncing devices for Philips hue" but nothing actually happens.

  • Philips Hue app on Android is the latest version (3.87)
  • Hue Bridge, Bulbs, Home, Home Mini and App are all on the same WiFi network
  • Hue Bridge is logged in with same Google account as Assistant
  • Google Assistant is authorised for Philips Hue
  • The Hue app controls the lights fine
  • I removed all Hue devices from Assistant
  • Deactivated Google links in Philips Hue account
  • Added Philips Hue via Google Assistant
  • All rooms, lights and scenes are imported from Hue to Assistant

As a test, I renamed the dining room light from "dinging room light" to "DL1" as per another post I saw that suggested light names should not include room names - it didn't make any difference

Can anyone suggest how I can get this working correctly in a consistent manner please? 

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

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have you added the hue controller to google, and then added them to a samsung smartthings by any chance. It could be that they are appearing twice due to the samsung smartthings hub advertising them as devices as well as the hue.
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I am having this exact issue as well and have tried a huge amount of combinations now to no avail.
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Same still can't link hue account to Google home app Android Google pixel 3 living in the dark ages!
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I've been having similar problems.  Commands that used to work suddenly stop working and then, after a time, suddenly start working again.  Sometimes I have to rephrase a command when the original way of saying it stops working.  For example, recently "Turn off the sunroom lights" stopped working.  Then I discovered that "Set the sunroom lights to off" would work.  Just this morning, in my kitchen I said "Set the ceiling light to cool white".  It had no idea what I was talking about even though I've been using this command every day for a couple of years.  The problem is not limited to Hue lights.  This also happens with my thermostats.
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