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Google Home Routines not recognizing Yonomi scene but running it anyway... 0 Recommended Answers 15 Replies 6 Upvotes
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When I create a routine that runs a Yonomi scene it tells me "I'm sorry Russell, I can't access <scene name> right now, try again later" but it runs the scene anyway.

When I create a routine that runs an Google Asst.-IFTTT applet name it just runs it without saying anything.

Now that Stringify is heading for Shutdown in June 2019, Yonomi is one of the few runs around what Spotify was providing but it doesn't have IFTTT support for creating Google Home routines so it would be really nice if Google Home just ran the scene without communicating the error message, in error!

Is there a glitch with Yonomi scenes? Is it a Google issue or a Yonomi issue??

Anyone had the same experience?
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Hi Russell,
After creating a new scene within the manufacturers app you will need to tell your Google Home device "Hey Google, sync devices" for it to be recognized.
If your still having issues can you upload a screenshot of your routine please.
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Edit: post was published on the wrong forum thread, sorry.
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Tried Sycing Devices but still says "I can't reach 'Evening Off' right now, try again later", and then proceeds to run Evening Off scene (Yonomi) anyway... and makes no comment about the 'Rise and Shine' scene (IFTTT), just runs it. 
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Hi again,
Does the scene work when you just ask for them?
"Hey Google, activate Evening off"
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Yes, it runs them when I say "activate Evening Off"... G:"Okay, activating two scenes"... note there's two scenes now (since I synced devices again)... so I chose both scenes in the Routine but it still says "Sorry I'm unable to reach two scenes... ". 
Seems to have no problem with Stringify scenes and IFTTT applets in Routines, just hanging up on Yonomi... I'm going to remove Yonomi from GHome app and see if I can get it to clear out scenes and start over and sync devices.
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I did notice that you have two versions of the scenes. Another thing I would suggest to try is instead of selection two scenes from one routine command try using two different commands each with only one scene selected.
Let us know how you get on,
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Example screenshot of what I mean by two different scene commands.
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I'm having this problem too. I'm also chatting with Yonomi support but they haven't been able to help yet.
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Same problem here. 
Google Home runs all scenes from Yonomi but talkback that something went wrong.
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I have this same issue with my nanoleaf. I'll run a routine that requires a new scene with the nanoleaf, and the routine works fine, but each time Google tells me "I'm sorry, I can't reach "name of nanoleaf scene" right now"

Even though it works just fine... Really annoying
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