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I purchased a Sony XBR-55X800E (Android tv) because of its advertised ability to be controlled by Google Home.  Using the Google Home app I was able to find the device and add it to a room.  I can see the device in Google Home, but under its settings the only thing I can do is control the device's volume.  I am unable to rename the device, group the device's speakers, see photos in Ambient Mode or use voice commands to control the device.  Any attempts to perform those functions results in the infamous " ... can't communicate with the Android tv" message.

Is there a simple work around to access these features?

While I can use the mic to access the Google Assistant on the device I do not have off/on functions by voice using Google Home.  I understand this is because it has built in Chromecast (really???).

Any help is appreciated.
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Even I'm facing the same issue with my Sony Android TV. On Google Hub , I cant even see control settings to manage ON/OFF and Volume UP/DOWN as well.
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I'm having the same issue with my Sony thought I may be doing something wrong
Last edited 7/25/19
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Me also!  Was able to to control TV with voice commands before update!
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I also have a Sony Android TV and I'm having the same issue. I used to be able to voice command anything to play on my tv as long as my account was linked to Google Home . Now all I get is the error message. I've had this issue for about a month now. Seems to be update related.
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Agree with Nate. around the update of my android tv stopped working a month ago.  I can only control the volume now....   if i look at the cast version and google this i did read some about problems with this version in the real chromecast device... but there is no update of the cast version in the app store of my tv...
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Seems like something changed because a week ago I was able to voice command to turn on or off, play music, now it keeps answering "something went wrong please try again later". I tried uninstalling updates of chromescast, reinstalling it, removing the device from GHome, rebooting. Even using the voice command from within the tv using the remote I get the same answer when asking to play music. Hopefully a fix to this will come.soon
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Same since one month with Android TV on Philips Ambilight. I m gonna be crazy. Nothing works now.
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jai une smartTV Philips de 2018 avec android TV (dernière MàJ) :
une google home mini.
Ca faisait un an Que tout fonctionne à merveille :
ok google mets "nom de la série" sur Netflix sur la tv
ok google mets "nom de la musique" sur Spotify sur la tv 
Ok google mets vidéo de (...) sur YouTube 
depuis 3 mois, avec la MaJ dandroid TV 
impossible de lancer Netflix par commande vocal.
Et la sans aucune MaJ depuis une semaine plus Rien ne peut se lancer depuis Google Home mini / application gooogle Home
La seule chose qui fonctionne avec la commande vocal ou application Google Home Cest l'ouverture / fermeture de la TV....
Jai passe mon samedi : à tout reset tout réinstaller 
TV / Android TV / google Home l'application & enceinte / les différentes comptes liés.
Toujours le même problème : " ok je mets Spotify sur la tv.... une erreur s'est produite, veuillez réessayer plus tard"
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Le plus agaçant dans cette histoire, c'est qu'il y a 6 mois tout était fonctionnel.
Je mets à jour mon post au passage :
Désormais, la TV ne peut ni s'allumer ni s'éteindre non plus par Google Home mini / application Google Home (Dernière chose qui fonctionnait)
Donc plus aucune commande de Google Home mini / Application Google Home vers Android TV. 
Je suis fâché.
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Just to add another perspective Google seemed to have changed something because on/off controls using google home devices now seem to work without me doing DH's solution.
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