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Why does my heating turn on at midday for no reason? 0 Recommended Answers 21 Replies 2 Upvotes
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I have a nest learning thermostat which was recently installed and it constantly brings the heating on when i don't want it to. I work from home a lot and don't want the heating on as i use a separate heater in the room i work in rather than heat the whole house. Despite my best efforts to constantly turn the heating off while at home it doesn't seem to learn this and keeps bringing the heating back on. I've tried turning off home away assist for my phone but the heating is then always off which is also not what i want! I've turned off the learning schedule in the hope it would just run the schedule set up and it generally speaking does this EXCEPT it turns the heating on at midday every day. I've reset the schedule and there are no entries for midday but it still comes on at midday every day. Looking in history it just says 'set by nest app' at the point the heating came on. 

My understanding is that with home/away assist switched on the thermostat should run to it's schedule if someone is home. The schedule is to be off between 8.30am and 3.30pm and true radiant is set to a maximum of 1 hour so the earliest it should be coming on is 2.30pm. Auto schedule is off so it shouldn't decide for itself that the heating should switch on so what is causing this? Any tips would be very much appreciated. Despite the huge amount of information online about how these gadgets work it's actually extremely difficult to establish which function takes priority over other functions. A simple flow of how the functions interact would be most helpful!

I'm close to switching all of this off and just using it as a very expensive standard programmable thermostat which seems like a complete waste of time. This was meant to be money saving but it's costing me a fortune every time it decides to switch back on for no reason! I'm sure these things are great if you have a very routine daily schedule but it seems, unless i'm missing something, that they're completely useless and cost you a lot more money if your daily routine is unpredictable. HELP!
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Thanks for bringing this up and sorry to hear that you are having this issue on your newly installed Google Nest thermostat. You mentioned that after checking the history, you found out that the sudden turn on at midday was set by nest app. That means the changes was made using the app. Possible that someone or a family member made the change. For us to further isolate the issue, let's remove your Google Nest thermostat from your account through the App and observe the behavior after removing it.
Follow the steps on this link to know more on how to remove device from an account.
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Thanks for the reply. It wasn't adjusted by the app manually as i didn't turn it on and my wife didn't do it so it's something automated definitely. I've removed the thermostat from the app and will see what it does today
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That didn't work. Heating still comes on at 11.30 every day at 11.30am despite there being no entry in the schedule as shown below

Looking at the history from yesterday it says that i switched the heating on yesterday at 11.30 which i didn't do either on the thermostat itself or on the app:

I think i'll try completely resetting it and setting it up again from scratch but if you have any other helpful tips they would be appreciated as this is beyond ridiculous. Should've bought a cheap £60 programmable stat
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I have exactly the same thing. For the last 3-4 days nest turns the heating on at midday precisely. There’s nobody at home and heating is set to remain off between 7:30 and 16:30 so unless the dog has learnt how to put the heating on, it’s something nest is doing. Very annoying
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I also have exactly the same issue, heating turns itself on at 12:00 every day.

The schedule is only set for the early morning and afternoon, and certainly has no entries for mid day.
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I’m having exactly the same problem too.
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Hey folks,
Thanks for keeping up, and so sorry to see that others are also having the same issue.
Let's try some steps to further isolate the issue:
  • Disconnect your Google Nest thermostat from your wifi
  • After you successfully disconnected the device from wifi, go to settings > reset > schedule
  • We are going to observe the behavior of your thermostat until the following day
Again, thank you all for helping us out, and let me know how it goes by replying to this thread.
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Reset Nest as requested this morning. Just checked at 12:30 and the heating is running at 22 degrees as before!
Put on Eco and then will need to put on again later!
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Thanks for doing the troubleshooting, and let us know what will be the result after you put the device back.
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20 hr
I’m having this issue as well. Yesterday it was on All afternoon and I didn’t realise - such a waste of money and energy when we are all out of the house!
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