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Hey Google Nest Community,

Let’s take your security up a notch. 

Starting early November, you can enable Glass break detection on your Nest Guard. Nest Guard’s microphone can detect when a glass window or door in your home is broken when the device is armed, and then sound the alarm.

How to set up Glass Break Detection:
  1. Open your Nest app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon on the Nest app home screen.
  3. Select Security > Security levels
  4. Choose Away and Guarding or Home and Guarding
  5. Tap Glass break detection
  6. Turn on Glass break detection and choose the amount of time you want before the alarm sounds. 
  7. To set up glass break detection in another security level, go back to step 3.

Note: You must turn on glass break detection in each security level you want it to be active in.

Some things to keep in mind are:
  • By default, Glass break detection is off. You need to manually enable the feature through the Nest app.
  • You can turn on glass break detection for Away and Guarding, or Home and Guarding, or both. Glass break detection works best when your home is quiet, if the house is empty or if people are sleeping. 
  • Nest Guard should be within 15 feet of the glass door or window you want to monitor. 
  • There should be no obstructions (like heavy curtains or a wall) between Nest Guard and the glass door or window. If there are, glass break detection might not work as expected. 
  • Glass break detection is a feature only available on your Nest Guard. Nest Detects don't have microphones.
  • When Nest Guard detects a possible glass break sound, it captures the audio and analyzes it to determine if the sound was actually glass breaking. The audio is processed on the device, and not sent to Google servers.

Learn more about Nest Secure Glass break detection on the help center.

Let us know what you think!

The Google Nest team
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Awesome, thank you!  Glass break detection has been a long requested feature by Secure users.  

There will undoubtedly be questions surrounding the utility of detecting glass breaks only within 15 feet of the Guard.  If there is ever anything to share about whether or not Home or Hub devices might one day be able to be used to expand the coverage range of this feature, please do.
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I agree, please update us about the ability of Google Home, Hub, and Nest Cams to detect breaking glass as well.
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No such option on  my Nest App.

Edit: Force updated the nest guard, option has now appeared in the app. Still cannot set up google assistant however.
Last edited 4 days ago
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Awesome, thank you! Finally..!
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Can recognize my Google home mini
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Google galti se mere paise a Gaya ismein Mujhe paise Kaise Wapas Milenge bata do
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4 days
I do not see this option in my NEST settings as detailed above.   I have the newest updates on Guard and the App.   Was this option since removed?
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4 days
Jason, the option is still there.  Are you sure you're looking at the Away and Guarding or Home and Guarding settings under Security Levels?

The other thing is that if you just updated you may need to force restart the Nest app (or just reboot your phone) before it picks up on the last nest guard update.  Hold down the 2 button on the Guard until it speaks the version number to force it to check for the latest updates.
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4 days
Found it.  The app was updated but had to be shut down and restarted.  I think the app was running during the update.  Shame the detects don't have microphones, would make a lot of sense considering you can put them on windows, or as motion detectors near windows.   If a thief breaks open a window but doesn't slide the window open, the detect won't even register a break in.
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4 days
Muhja par barossa nhi tha bol diya hota yaa q kara
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