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Happy Nest Wifi launch day! Today Nest Wifi is available for purchase at the Google Store, Best Buy, Target, Costco (customer/exclusive 1 router + 3 points) and Amazon (customer/exclusive router-only 2pack). Prices range from $149 - $349. 

To celebrate the launch, let us show you how to make the most of your new Nest Wifi. 

Strong connection. Every direction.
Having Wi-Fi is great until that moment you are watching a movie, and BAM, right when you get to the good part, the Wi-Fi starts buffering. Or the moment you are playing a video game, winning an intense match and BAM, the game stops and you lose. You deserve better.

Nest Wifi is 2x the speed of the original and up to 25% better coverage. One router and one point in your home can support up to 200 devices and still hold a strong signal. Nest Wifi puts your network on the clearest channel for faster service and goes through regular software updates to improve performance over time. 

Check out our website to find the best Nest Wifi fit for your home.

Nest Wifi is the new art deco.
Old boxy Wi-Fi routers are a thing of the past. Sustainable art deco is now. The Nest Wifi is created from 45% recycled plastic, but you wouldn’t know by the beautiful design. Inspired by ceramic objects, the soft curves, neutral colors and vanilla bean effect will make you want to show off your devices. For added fun, the point includes a soft light on the bottom to let you know when Google Assistant is ready. 

That’s the Point.
Oh did I mention the Nest Point doubles as a smart speaker with Google Assistant? What is this sorcery? We redesigned Wi-Fi to fit even more of your household needs. Not only does the point work with your router to expand Wi-Fi coverage in your house, it plays music, listens to your demands, finds answers and more. 

Like the Nest Mini, the Wifi point has three microphones, uses ultrasound technology to detect the presence of your hand, can make calls, etc. Let Nest Wifi work for you, say “Hey Google, what’s my internet speed” to check on the speed of the wifi. Say “Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi,” for dinner time, when the kids aren’t listening, or a social media detox day.

Tell me more
How can I manage my network?
  • Simply plug in your device, open the Google Home app, follow the steps on the screen and manage your network. You can share your password with guests, set up a guest network, test the speed and prioritize devices. 

I have a Google Wifi system, will it work with the new Nest Wifi system?
  • Yes, Nest Wifi is compatible with the previous Google Wifi system. You can add a point or use the Google Wifi to expand your home Wi-Fi coverage. 

Can I mute the Google Assistant on the point?
  • Yes, simply flip the switch on the back of the device to mute Google Assistant. Learn  more about our privacy policy

Go ahead, stream your favorite shows on every TV in the house, play video games all night, post on social media from your laptop and phone.

Stream. Binge, Wi-Fi. Eat. Repeat.

The Google Nest team
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Will the new Nest wifi router work with the Google OnHub mesh points as well as the Google wifi access points ?
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Won't work with OnHub, just with the old Google Wifi.
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Hi there.

Could you tell me please, when can I bought it in Ukraine shops?

Thank you
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If I have Google WiFi, is there a simple way to migrate the primary to Google Nest, or do you have to rebuild the network from scratch? So far as I can tell, there's no way to even print the DHCP IP reservations, so kind of a pain.
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OMG so nice all about your tok
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We are replacing the nest thermostat with a different brand. We can connect sense the update. Need to go back to the old way.
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Have the brand new nest wifi and the darn thing keeps rebooting itself constantly. Why is it doing that?? It's brand new.
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6 days
how many cost google wifi..? 
if i want to another country ip use my home wifi thats future is available in google wifi ?
when i use google wifi than i  get extra velueble futures get for useabele my home wifi ?
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