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Why won't my Nest Guard stay connected to cellular? I'm currently paying for the service. 0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 0 Upvotes
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Last edited 10/17/19
I currently pay for professional monitoring and cellular back up and have had the service since August 2018. We haven't had any issues until two weeks ago (Sept 30).

I've restarted my guard and tried a few other troubleshooting things.
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Hi Sam, 
Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your Nest Guard. Let's have try to sort this out. 
Quick question — are you seeing on your Nest app that your Nest Guard is offline or are you getting an error on the Nest Guard itself that there is an issue with cellular backup?
Let us know more about what is going on so we can have troubleshoot on it further. 
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I get a notification on my guard and the app saying there is a problem with cellular back up. Everything still works but it is only working off of WiFi.
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Hi Sam, 
Gotcha and thanks for the prompt response. Please try the steps below to restart your Nest Guard and see how it goes:
  1. Set the Google Nest Secure to Off  Nest Guard off with the app or on Nest Guard, or the alarm may sound.
  2. Press and hold the 5 button on Guard’s keypad until its light ring starts spinning blue (about 10 seconds).
  3. After a few seconds the light ring will turn off.
  4. Guard will restart and say, “Hi, from Nest.” After the restart, Nest Secure will arm to the same level it was set to before restarting. If it was sounding the alarm, it will resume sounding the alarm. You will need to silence it by using the Nest app, entering your passcode, or using Google Nest Tag.
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I’ve done that but it only works for 15 -45 minutes before losing cellular data again.
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Hi Sam, 
Thanks for responding and sorry about the delay. 
If restarting did not permanently fix the issue, you might want to try resetting your Nest Guard to its default settings and observe if it persists.  Resetting Nest Guard will make all of your Google Nest Detects appear as offline in the Nest app. To continue using Nest Secure you will have to go through the setup process again. Note: As a security precaution, a factory reset can’t be done if Nest Guard is armed in Home and Guarding or Away and Guarding, speaking a Heads-Up, sounding the alarm, or if the battery is critically low.
  1. Remove Nest Secure from your account in the Nest app.
  2. Set Nest Secure to Off Nest Guard off with Nest Guard’s keypad, or the alarm may sound.
  3. Press and hold down the 2 button on Guard’s keypad.
  4. Keep holding down the button while Guard goes through a software version and check.
  5. When Guard says, “Release to erase all settings,” let go of the button.
  6. Guard will speak again and say, “Erasing all settings and returning to factory defaults in five seconds. Press any button to cancel.”
  7. You’ll see the light ring turn yellow and begin a five second countdown. Press any button before the countdown ends to cancel the reset.
  8. If you don’t cancel, the light ring will spin blue and Guard will say, “Erasing all settings. This might take a minute."
  9. When it’s about to restart you’ll hear, "Nest Guard is restarting. Be right back."
If you want to continue using Nest Guard, follow the setup instructions in the User’s Guide to add it back to your account in the Nest app and place it in your home. Let us know how it goes.  Best,  Melba
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