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Meet the new Nest Mini!

Same iconic design and functionality. Better home experience. The Nest Mini’s new features are here to take your home to the next level. You spoke, we listened, by adding a built-in wall mount so you can easily display the mini on the wall for a chic look and more table space. Take a look at more new features! 

Google goes green
The soft cover not only looks good, it’s good for the earth too. The exteriors soft cover is made of 100% recycled materials and the interior is made of 35% recycled materials. Sustainability and durability? We got it. 

Faster Assistant. Better Sound.
Google Assistant now works faster on the Nest Mini, has an improved sound and touch controls, hears you better, (US only) learns your most common music or smart home commands, and gets faster over time. The mini also includes LED lights to quickly find the volume buttons and lights up when your music starts to play. The Nest Mini maybe be compact but these speakers were created for you to enjoy louder crisp sounds and all that bass! 

Note: If you chose to wall mount the device, you can reverse the device controls in the Google Home App to flip volume controls and LED lights to orient the right way.

*The microphone mute button can be found at the back of the device. For more information on privacy click here.

Check out our website for more information and pre-order options. 

Welcome the second generation Nest Wifi!

No, Google Wifi is not gone forever, we just hit the upgrade button and out came the new and improved Nest Wifi. With a consumer need for exceptional Wi-Fi, we created the Nest Wifi which includes the Router and Point. 

Are you tired of your Wi-Fi randomly not connecting or not being able to reach every room in your house? Nest Wifi uses mesh W-Fi technology to expand fast internet coverage to your favorite room in the house. Two is better than one when it comes to faster internet and the new design will turn your home into a fancy art gallery. Inspired by ceramic soft curves, the devices come in fresh neutral colors with a hint of vanilla bean effect. But what does each product bring to the table? 

Nest Wifi Router
Nest Wifi Router can replace the current router in your house. With more reliable, faster processing speeds than the original Google Wifi, check out our recommendation engine on our website to find the perfect coverage for your needs. The Wifi Router acts as the core system that connects to the Points. 

Nest Wifi Point
Nest Wifi Point includes Google Assistant! Not only does it simplify the smart home integration with voice control and increase coverage, you can play music, ask general questions or make Point your personal assistant. Need to pause wifi for a family dinner? Just say “Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi and broadcast “come for dinner.” Look out for future Nest Wifi specific commands. 

FOMO? All the details you need!

Nest Mini: 
  • Where can I purchase the Nest Mini? 
    • Nest Mini will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
  • When is the Nest Mini available? 
    • Nest Mini will be available for purchase on October 22, 2019. 

Nest Wifi: 
  • Where can I purchase the Nest Wifi? 
    • Nest Wifi will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
  • When is the Nest Wifi available? 
    • Nest Wifi will be available for purchase on November 4, 2019. 
  • Are they sold separately or in a bundled package?
    • Google Nest Wifi Router and Point can be sold separately or in bundle packs. 
      • Google Nest Wifi 2-pack
        • 1 Nest Router
        • 1 Nest Point 
      • Google Nest Wifi 3-pack
        • 1 Nest Router
        • 2 Nest Points

Note: Nest Wifi is compatible with existing Google Wifi systems. You can manage Wi-Fi settings in the Google Home App.

The Google Nest team
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Perhaps instead of making new Nest products with software that is hovering around 2 out of 5 stars, you should focus on making your existing stuff work properly. In other words, instead of being greedy and screwing your existing customers, you should do the right thing and deliver on existing promises.

Shame on you.
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In regards to the new wifi router: Can it be used like the old wifi hardware as an add-on to an existing network or does it HAVE to be plugged into the modem?

I currently have (3) of the old routers around my house and im looking to expand with either (2) points or (1) router and (1) point (i would prefer 1 and 1 since its cheaper than 2 points) but not sure if this is technically possible. If the router must be plugged into the modem can my existing base point be repurposed into a point of sorts?
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And if you have a GSuite account, don't assume any of this will work for you.  They just don't tell you that before buying.
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Will Nest Wifi support vlan tagging?
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So I know that the new Nest Wifi Points can simply be added to an existing Google Wifi base but can the original Google Wifi base be used as a Point attached to the new Nest Wifi Router?
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Won't be buying any Google products for the foreseeable future until issues with the Nest app on Android are resolved. I'm no longer able to use my Nest doorbell from my phone and can't use my Nest protect smoke alarm.
Last edited 10/16/19
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I'm a little disappointed with how few differences the Nest Mini has to the Google Mini. It's basically just the improved speaker/mics (which is great, don't get me wrong) & being able to mount it on a wall. But I just wish it had a little more to it. I would purchase a Nest Mini if it had a built-in rechargeable battery so I'd have the option to drop the power cord (which is ugly on the wall & children can unplug it) to keep it mounted out-of-reach of them, at least till they're in bed or out of the house so I can charge it, as well as be able to pop it off the wall mount & carry it to the bathroom for bath time, or the patio for a BBQ, etc...places where having a permanently stationed speaker wouldn't be very logical, basically.

I'd rather spend an extra $10-$20 bucks for that optional functionality, in addition to what else it can do, than spend another $100-$200 on another device like a JBL bluetooth speaker to be able to do that. If anything, having that optional feature, even for a slightly higher price, would actually make it a little more competitive with other speaker devices, & be worth the extra money if I'm getting that much more for it. The optional accessory rechargeable battery stand for the Google Home Mini is $34.95! That's almost as much as the mini itself ($49) & ALL it is is a battery pack, no other functions! That's crazy. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks to have that built-in to the Nest Mini & have all functionalities in one device.

Maybe not everyone would want that, but I'm sure plenty of people would besides just me. Not all of us want/need to spend all that money for 5 minis to have one in each room, & as I stated before, places like a patio or bathroom, even a basement for some folks, don't make sense to have a permanent speaker, & some people have no outdoor outlet to plug one in either. After checking out this new device, that is the one thing I noticed that it didn't have that I wish it did, & was the deciding factor for me not to get it. Hopefully, there will be a new version eventually that has this.
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When will Duo Voice calling be available outside the US? I don't get why such a feature would be limited to regions
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Guys - we love your products. But you have to solve the GSuite user problem. Not being able to set reminders, problems with Nest for GSuite users is making your products less valuable. As you know, there's nothing worse than removing essential features. It's more destructive than never having had them at all.

There are no explanations, no updates on when we'll see a return of these features. Please communicate with the people who actually spend the most money with you.
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3 days
Google ruined Nest, no new products, totally confusing when you call google for support, they are getting left behind by Competitors like Ring. Some self important google executive who thinks he can out perform the entrepreneur who started it, and does not even have the business eXperience of running a hot dog stand, just good at the politics of moving up the corporate ladder. What a shame, I have been slowly migrated to Ring, great company going down the drain.
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