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hello, i have two nest 3rd gen thermostats. i can switch the heating on manually with no problems. However, when it comes to scheduling it doesn't work. I want to use it as a traditional programmable thermostat. I've tried all the steps in the help, I've reset them both and switched off all of the automatic/sense options, but still nothing. The hot water is however operating via the scheduling. 
The winter is here in the North East of England - any help would be much appreciated.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.
I am sorry that you are having issue with scheduling on your Google Nest thermostat. 
For us to make sure that your device is at it's optimum performance, you need to make sure that it is using the latest firmware version. You might want to connect your thermostat to your wifi so that it can check for an updates.
Here's how to do it:
  1. Press the thermostat ring to bring up the Quick View menu.
  2. Select Settings Nest settings icon.
  3. Turn the ring and Select Network.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi network name and enter the password. It may take a few moments for your network to appear.
For further help please click on this link for our UK product support.
Hope this helps!
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Hey; thanks for replying. Both stats are connected to the WiFi and up to date. 

My heatlink however, only has a wired connection. It did say I wouldn’t be able to get firmware updates if not connected wirelessly, but it failed to connect. 

I don’t think that that is the problem however, as the schedule for the hot water is working Ok.
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Hi Lyle,
Thanks for the update. Based on your description,it looks like the Nest thermostat that you're using is an EU version. Your thermostat have different troubleshooting as what we have in the United States. You may check this link for more information about our Support in EU.
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Hello, I will try and help. What do you see when you press "Mode" in the thermostat app, you should see Heat and Off, selecting heat allows the Thermostat to follow a set schedule or have the temperature manually updated OFF means OFF ie no schedule or no manual temperature adjustment. It does not turn ON and off the heating as I think you are expecting to turn the heating off when in "Heat"mode you need to set a temperature in your schedule to lower than ambient so the boiler is not calling for heat.
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Hey, thanks for the reply, but I don’t think that is my issue. 

When the heating is in off mode (as opposed to heat), I am pretty sure it should come on (if set higher than the current temperature) when the schedule calls for it - is this correct? And this is not happening. Except for hot water. 

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You misunderstand for the heating Off means Off and will not follow the schedule, this is what you would set it to during the summer

So in “Heat” mode that is “on” and depending on the set temperature will determine whether the boiler/pump should be on, so at night for example set a temperature lower than what the ambient would get to and then boiler/pump will remain off, so to explain a different way in the manual programble controllers and room thermostat imaging the programble controller just having an on/off switch (same as Heat/off)!and the manual thermostat is your heating controller , turn it right down boiler/pump does not run turn it higher than ambient boiler/pump runs, Nest Thermostat is just a glorified model that can be controlled from a smart phone and follows an automated schedule without the need for you to manually turn it up or down, it’s nothing fancy really

With the Hot Water to turn that physically off ie not following the schedule then you have to go to the hot water settings and toggle the on/off switch

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One thing from your original post I do not understand which is unrelated to the schedule is you mention your heat link is only wired

Yes it will be wired to the boiler but the connection to the thermostat must be wireless (on the EU model) the only wires to the thermostat if there are any will be for charging and powering it, you must also have the EU model as the US model does not control Hot Water
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I have the same problem and was thinking the heating would switch on automatically off automatically based on the schedule and if it doesn't work this way, then there should be a software update for it because I can programme the on and off for the water with no issues but not for heating
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I was having a similar issue (wondering why the auto-schedule didn't seem to be learning to turn the heating on in the morning)- but reading the above I think I understand it. 

Off mode is (almost) like switching the power off. So the auto-schedule, much like the pre-programmed schedule I imagine, is a temperature regulator, rather than an on/off switch. So with conventional thermostats/heating programmers, you have "on at 7am, off at 9am", "on at 3pm, off at 8pm" With the temperature set to 21degC or similar. With THIS type, the mode is always "on" and you set 21 degrees at 7am, and 17 degrees at 9am, 21 degrees at 3pm, 17 degrees at 8pm- in order to get the same sort of schedule.. (Obviously your off temperature could be lower, in the winter when the house might get colder than 17degrees but you don't want the heating to come on). 

I think!
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5 days
Richie chav - having the same issue as you. Heating only responding when hot water on. Has been fine for ages but now it's playing games.
Thermostat and history show heating on, but it wasn't as the boiler  won't fire up
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