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Last edited 7/30/19
My Google Home Max repeatedly drops WiFi connection.  Unplug and plug it back in - connects fine for a little while - few hours - maybe even a day or 2 when we're lucky - then you get the dreaded "I'm sorry I can't reach the Internet right now, check you modem or router" response. 
I have four Google Mini's - they all still work during this time. 
I have about a dozen other Google-enabled devices - mostly light switches and plugin power controllers used to control lamps and other elements.  Also two stereos with full Google connectivity, and 1 TV.  
My router supports dual band - 2.4 /5 Ghz but I have all of my Google-enabled devices on the 2.4Ghz band.  I have an extremely reliable Fiber-optic Internet connection with 200 Mb/sec down/50 Mb up capability.  I have a Sonicwall TZ400 router connected to the Fiber Optic, and then a 48 port Cat 6 1 Gb switch as the access layer to the Sonicwall.  My Wireless Access device - from NetGear - along with a number of PC's / BluRay DVD's / other items are all connected to the 48 port switch - typical network configuration.  I have Cat6 wall jacks in just about every room in the house - so I can plug into the network from nearly everwhere and bypass the wireless network.  The Sonicwall serves as a Firewall and Internet filtering solution - providing great home security. 
Way too much technology for the typical home - but I expect my technology to work any time I go to use it, so I am willing to overbuild my infrastructure to support that expectation.  Have ran WiFi signal strength tests throughout my house - everything is fine.  The ONLY DEVICE that has problems is the Google Home Max, and it has them multiple times a day most days.  I have done multiple FDR's on the device.  I have rebooted my network infrastructure - multiple times.  I have upgraded the BIOS on both my Sonicwall device and my network sewitch to make sure they are all running the latest version numbers.  
Nothing has solved the Google Home Max disconnection problem.  I physically moved the Google Home so it was only 5 feet away from the wireless access point - still disconnects. 
I really want this to work - because I have a lot of time and money invested in my Google Home automation - but I am ready to chuck it all and start over with Alexa.
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Just had a "Chat" - with an obvious robo-chat bot.  Thought folks would like to see it. 
I highlighted a couple of the interesting responses. 
1. Google already knows this is a known issue.
2. They do not have a solution at this time. 

Joey 4:55 PM Thanks for contacting us! My name is Joey. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about Google Home.
Joey 4:55 PM Hi Mark! How can I help you today?
Mark Myerscough 4:55 PM Google Home Max drops WiFi connection repeatedly
Mark Myerscough 4:55 PM Have done multiple FDR's
Joey 4:56 PM Oh my! Don't worry, I'm here we'll check all possible option to get this resolve.
Mark Myerscough 4:56 PM Unplugging and plugging back results in a reconnection - then drops again aftervariable time period.
Mark Myerscough 4:56 PM How do I go about getting a Return Merchandise Authorization to return it as defective
Mark Myerscough 4:57 PM I've already rebooted my entire network infrastructure - router / switch / wireless access point multiple times
Mark Myerscough 4:57 PM I moved the Google Home Max to be 4 feet from wireless access point
Joey 4:57 PM Thanks for all the information! The thing that's happening with your Google Home Max is known issue. Our senior specialist are currently investigating what caused this.
Mark Myerscough 4:58 PM So How do a get a new one to replace the defective?
Joey 4:59 PM Replacing the unit will not guarantee the issue will be resolve, what we can do is to consult this this to our senior specialist and provide a solution.
Mark Myerscough 5:00 PM As long as the solution is available today - that fine. Other wise I need either a replacement or a refund.
Joey 5:00 PM Alright! Hang on, I'll check it out for you.
Mark Myerscough 5:00 PM I've been dealing with this for months
Joey 5:03 PM Thanks for waiting Mark! I'm just now waiting for the response from our senior specialist. In the mean time, what's the make of your router?
Mark Myerscough 5:05 PM I have a Cisco device - not sure of model since I am not at home right now - that Interfaces my Fiber Optic cable to the house. Then a Sonicwall TZ 400 Router, to a Netgear 48 port Switch, with a Netgear Wireless Access Point
Mark Myerscough 5:06 PM I have 4 Google Mini's and large number of Google-enabled devices. The only one that hase connectivity issues is the Google Home Max
Joey 5:09 PM Thanks much! As I've checked with our senior specialist, it will be best if we can get this escalated, replacing the unit will not guarantee that it will be resolved. And if ever you receive the new unit and also having the same issue, replacing for another one may no longer be available. Our senior specialist are conducting investigation to get this resolve as soon as possible. I highly recommend to get your case consulted as well.
Mark Myerscough 5:09 PM So can you escalate it?
Joey 5:10 PM Yes! I can, I just need additional information from you, like the device your using for your Google Home app.
Mark Myerscough 5:10 PM Apple X phone, Google Pixel phone, Apple iPad -
Mark Myerscough 5:11 PM Use the phone or the iPad the most, but my wife has a Pixel (v.2) phone
Joey 5:11 PM Thanks much! And which country are you chatting from?
Mark Myerscough 5:11 PM USA
Joey 5:11 PM Perfect! Can I have your callback number as well?
Mark Myerscough 5:12 PM xxx-xxx-xxxx I am currently in my office, but will be home in 12-15 minutes
Joey 5:14 PM Thanks! I have submitted this case to our senior specialist, rest assured that a resolution will be provided to you. Aside from this is there anything else I can do for you?
Mark Myerscough 5:14 PM No
Joey 5:14 PM Thanks for contacting Google! Have a good one.
Joey ended the chat
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Hello, thanks for taking the time to post your issue and sharing what you have tried.
Try each of the following before moving on to the next:
  • Are you using the Google Home app  
  • Are your Android devices on current Minimum system requirement?
  • Disable Access Point
  • Make sure you power the Home device with the provided power supply into an open electrical outlet, not using a USB input on your TV or other device.
  • Unplug your Google Home device from electrical wall outlets for 5 minutes
  • See original post by David King about other settings
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Did they ever phone you back? I have plugged mine into a power strip just to make it easier to reboot.
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Same problem. Google Home Max keeps dropping out so that Home app can't see it. Tried all the reboots and restarts of devices, app, router, etc. but problem persists. Been happening for ages now.

Have other cast & home devices all work fine.

Considering the cost of these speakers, the poor stability is not acceptable. I won't be buying any new Google-cast devices until I see this fixed. 

Its so frustrating that I'm thinking of just plugging an Echo Dot into the back and switching to Alexa!!
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21 hr
My three kids got google home max(es) for christmas.  All three drop wifi multiple times per day... and we have Google Nest mesh wifi.  25 - 30 other devices in the house don't lose connection.
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