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Now we have passed the 31st August and we can no longer get IFTTT to connect / work with Nest Protect, how / when is there going to be any integration with any other smart devices for Protect?

At the moment i cant even see the device in Google home, let alone linking it with my smart thermostat (not a Nest device) or lights... It makes it a pretty dumb "smart" device if it cant interact with anything.
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Hi Peter,
We hear your frustration and understand change isn’t easy. Our first step as Google Nest was to go beyond the idea of a “smart home,” and to focus instead on creating a “helpful home.” With that comes some growing pains, but our goal is simple: earn and keep your trust by clearly explaining how our products work and how we’ll uphold our commitment to respect your privacy.

As of the moment,  Nest Protect isn't available yet on your Google Home app. For now, you have to use the Nest app to control them.

We  recommend reading this blog for more information,
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Nice... that should have been explained before migrating accounts. Instead it said that Nest products would be available in the Google Home app... just not the Nest Protects. Hope the WWN integration with Hue lighting will be realized soon as well. The unavailability is a safety risk for now...
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Totally agree with Juergen, I have just migrated only to find no Nest Protect on my device list within home. I can access Protect on Nest App. However, after the migration process you can only add family members via Home. Therefore, family members have no access to Protect as they only get access to devices within the Home app. 

This is so short sighted by Google . Not at all amused.
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Agree with the above. Now only I can access the nest protect in our home, and other family members can’t see it.
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Really lazy of such a large company to get this so wrong. The ability to have lights swith on automatically was the number 1 reason I bought my Nest Protects, so it's very disappointing they don't even work with each other any more!
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Yep luckily I only have one nest device and All google smart devices now are in my Black list. Other products such as ecobee all work with 3rd party.
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This is bullshit.
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I don’t understand how such a gigantic company would make a decision to deactivate an API, without first creating a replacement API that will support ALL products. Yes, I understand you want all products to go through works with assistant, but to continue to sell a “smart” smoke detector that only can talk to itself and the app only is.... fu@ked. Your forcing me now to look into rooting your smoke detector, if I can, when I originally had no need to. Oh well, I will just have to get used to only having a smoke detector that has an English accent. Oh yeah, it’s so smart.... it can count to 10! Well worth the extra $100
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Google wake up and update the home app, this is bullshit
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1 day
So I didnt read any of this unfortunately until AFTER paying $550 dollars for 5 wired Nest Protects and installing them, which was a pain in the ass due to my homes wiring.  Let me say this again, I paid Google $550 HARD EARNED DOLLARS for 5 smoke detectors that apparently have no additional functionality to the $25 detectors they replaced.  So what it can talk?  Who gives a fuck???  Doesnt show in Google Home App.  Can use in routines.  Cant integrate with Hue lights.   Cant use IFTTT.  Only alerts my phone now other HOME MEMBERS on Google Home.   And from what I'm reading they dont even communicate with each other???  So if the one in my basement goes off the bedroom ones wont???   Google you have fucked up big time.  I'm ready to return this and the 2 new Yale locks I bought direct from Google store.
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