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Last edited 8/15/19
I've just received an e-mail that Google/Nest will forcibly execute an over-the-air update of all Nest Cams, and remove the ability for the status light LED to be turned off at customer's discretion.  Google is claiming this is part of their "commitment to greater privacy".

This is an absurd update and an invasion of my rights as a consumer.  Google is directly attempting to change the way the product I have bought - and how it was advertised at the time - functions.  The camera's ability to turn off its status light was a feature which Google is now retroactively removing.  

Privacy laws do not exist on private property such as my home, where I get to dictate which light remains on.  We have spent thousands on 8+ cameras, Nest Guard and Nest Sense products, and spend $40/month on Nest Aware.  For me - as a consumer - to have my rights violated without an option to keep the status lights off is a major move backwards.  

The whole point of exterior cameras is to remain hidden and out of sight of potential burglars.  But yes, let's forcibly keep the light on so that everyone can see and avoid being recorded. God forbid that some criminal's privacy rights are violated.

This isn't about privacy, this is a flat-out post-purchase middle finger to us - your customers.
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Well said. This is not about privacy at all, at least to the customer. Perhaps it is to a criminal or prowler trespassing, but that shouldn't be of concern. This gives away all of my privacy letting a criminal know I am actively watching them on MY property.
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I completely agree with these.  Privacy doesn't matter in my own home.  I purchased the 4 cameras and all the extras for specific needs which it met.  Now you are taking away that ability without even asking.  The last thing I want is to draw attention to the cameras.  So much for the nanny cam catching any suspicious activity in my own home with my children.  Or the house keeper who I trust to clean and not borrow things.  This absolutely changes the device from what I spent a lot of money on so far.  I would ask that you strongly consider giving the right to do what we choose to do with our own property.  I really do not want to have to put these away and find another service but that's what you are forcing me to do now.
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I also agree that this change is a terrible idea. Now I have to cover with a piece of electrical tape. Has google ever heard of a 'silent alarm'?   same concept.   

Also why spend time getting rid of functionality rather adding functionality.  For example I am still waiting for an option to get an alarm type notification when I am home and someone is in my driveway breaking into my car.   Currently I have to search through the tape...  I want to set to alert say after 12am... and stop at 5am and a better alarm sound that breaks through phone night time silence....  I am not an engineer, please have yours fix for us.
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Full refund please. This is a security camera and you just told criminals that every nest camera will now behave exactly the same and that when there's no green light, no one is actively watching... Insane!

Congrats on putting families lives at risk, on a global scale, in one fell swoop.
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I use these cameras outdoors. I don want thieves knowing where they are. I purchased them for that reason only. Full Refund Please
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This is absolutely unacceptable!  It is ridiculous to think that someone on my property outside has a right to know they are being recorded.  It is not like the cameras are hidden, they are clearly visible. Adding a flashing light to show when I am watching, on my own property is an invasion of MY PRIVACY.  You advertised this product with the ability to disable the status light and that is why several people I know and myself bought into this platform.  If this stays in effect I will be looking for another vendor solution and will request a full refund.  I will encourage everyone else I know to do the same.
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This is a horrible and evil precedent to set.  If google maintains ownership of what I purchased, then yeah I'd like my money back too, so I can purchase something I actually own.  With less  privacy concerns.  Choose one or the other google.  If it's my device, it should serve me, if it's your device then you can serve the criminals or whatever, just give me my money back.  I vote refund.
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I use my Cameras to monitor outdoors. Now the thieves will know where they are. I also use a few indoors cameras facing outside. Now these will be useless at night. Nest/Google if this is what you are going to do then issue those of us who spent thousands because they did not have a light a FULL refund. I have 10 cameras 6 indoor 2 IQ and 2 Outdoor. Plus Aware subscriptions. Really Google!
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I use my Nest cam as a baby monitor - having a flashing light in the sleeping baby's room is INSANE!
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I use(d) this camera in a baby’s room. Now I can’t use it anymore because the light shines in his face and blinks when i’m Watching. Ridiculous
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