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I just received an email notifying me that effective today, users will no longer be able to turn off the status light on their Nest Cameras.  It can be dimmed, but not turned off.  Also, the light will now blink when live video is being watched.  The email says this is for increased transparency.  This is ridiculous.  I always turn the status light off.  I DON'T WANT THE BAD GUYS TO KNOW THE CAMERA IS ON AND IF I AM WATCHING THEM.  I'm a 37 year police veteran and I prefer to think of my camera as a surveillance camera for my home, and I do not want to announce to the world they are being recorded or watched.  I don't know how to complain to Nest or Google yet, but I thought I would start here.  Anyone else think this new update is a bad idea?  How can we get Nest to give us the option back?  Until this changes, I will be covering the light with a piece of electric tape.
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Agreed, it is absurd. For me this is a deal-breaker and I'll be going elsewhere.
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I use my Cameras to monitor outdoors. Now the thieves will know where they are. I also use a few indoors cameras facing outside. Now these will be useless at night. Nest/Google if this is what you are going to do then issue those of us who spent thousands because they did not have a light a FULL refund. I have 10 cameras 6 indoor 2 IQ and 2 Outdoor. Plus Aware subscriptions. Really Google!
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Es war ein sehr großer Vorteil, das Statuslicht auszuschalten. Die Änderung ist eine Fehlentscheidung und ich werde mich nach anderen Produkten umsehen. Ich kann Nest Kameras nicht mehr empfehlen.
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What a crazy regression and misunderstanding of who you're serving. You are rolling out a feature that takes control of the devices your paying customers OWN out of our hands in the name of protecting the privacy of the criminals we bought our devices to defend our homes from. Like many others I also use one as a baby monitor, a purpose for which it's now useless.
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This is a bad decision.  I should have a choice as to whether I want a light=
to display when the camera is recording.  When a light is on, it draws atte=
ntion to the camera.  I want my camera to be as hidden as possible to preven=
t its detection.  I have already gotten rid of a canary camera because you c=
ould not turn off the light when it is recording.  Am I going to have get rid of my nest?  I agree with the gentleman that said we should get a refund!  I want a choice!  My privacy issues are just that, MINE!  I don’t need someone else telling me I have to do this because of privacy issues.  Your privacy issues don’t matter to me.  Mine does and how I operate my camera is my business!  Fix this issues immediately or I’m done with nest!
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I'm a long time Google enthusiast with Google phones, cams, and doorbell. This ridiculous change done without any chance to opt out is inexcusable. 
Now my cams silently scream out their locations to thieves, making them useless for security.
Please find some other way to make the pencil neck privacy attorneys happy. This sudden announcement reduces our trust in Google. What were you thinking??
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If I notice the status light on I'm going to disconnect all my nest cams in protest.
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Thanks to the Status Light change I now have 9 cameras that are showing reflections of the status light in the images that they are capturing. In addition the status light causes reflections that make the cameras unwatchable for security purposes. In addition Thieves now know where all the cameras are should they want to take them. I do not believe that Nest/Google thought this through as I now have 10 cameras total that are useless at night due to these reflections and I would like Nest/Google to either reverse this decision or to refund my investment since I would have never thought when I purchased them that they would be made unusable due to a software update.
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Didn't see the email but just noticed the green light as I walked by my cam. Tried to disable and sure enough found this site.....

We need an opt out option!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last edited 8/16/19
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We want the option to turn the light off. Otherwise we will cancel the supcription and get other cameras. Please change ist back as soon as possible. Even the nanny cam is easy detected now ... does not help!
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