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I keep having issues with both my Nest Hello doorbells. They keep going offline. Sometimes it's just one of them sometimes it's both of them . Dont get any issues with my 2 other nest cameras.

I use Google wifi and the mesh units are within 15 very of the doorbells and provide almost perfect signal strength  The units share a 24v power supply and the technical info shows each device getting around 23 4v

Does anyone else find that the doorbells are unreliable?
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Hey Wayne,

Thanks for reaching out. Let's check on this further.

Your Google Nest Hello being offline can be due to several factors like possible network congestion, changes on the network settings, wireless interference and others.

Let's try these steps below:
1. Make sure that your Nest app on your mobile device is up to date.
2. Make sure that your Wi-Fi network has a stable and good signal strength and other devices can connect to it continuously.
3. Check for possible devices that may cause interference on the connection of your Nest Hello to your router. You might also try moving them closer together.
4. Disable network extenders is there are any and have this Nest Hello connect to your main router.
5. Assign a static IP from your Google Wifi app.
5. Restart your Google Nest Hello and Wi-Fi router.
6. Ensure that your doorbell has power constantly.
7. Reset your Google Nest Hello to its default settings. Here's the link

Keep us posted!

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply, I dont feel that this is the issue. After googling I can see other people have the same issue with the doorbells going off line. 

The doorbells are within a few feet of the doorbells and I have a strong and stable connection. I have previously assigned static IP's and my app is up to date. 

If I restart the router when it happens it will reconnect but most of the time it happens when I'm not at home. I can connect to the camera and see technical details in the app and if I'm home then lights on the doorbell are all on but it's not connected to the wifi . It will  normally reconnect itself after 20 to 30 mins so I guess it is a flaw in the software. If it loses its  connections it should retry connecting immediately but it appears to wait 20 or 30,mins to do this.
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I'm having the same issue, and it's not the internet or anything on my end. Only the nest hello continuously goes offline, none of the other cameras do. The nest hello is less than 10 feet from the router. I wish they would stop giving us these generic answers and fix the issues!!!
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I have two nest cameras, two nest thermostats and one nest doorbell. The doorbell/camera goes off line every 10-12 minutes for about 45 seconds. None of the other nest products do this. I have rebooted and reconfigured routers to no avail. I love the nest product platform but there is an issue with the doorbell connectivity that I cannot correct. This is a huge problem because the doorbell is supposed to catch a video of anyone approaching my house.
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15 hr
So yet another deflection onto wifi/modem issues and not the product's firmware. It's like they don't even read the customer issues and feedback. Thanks. Ring here I come.
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