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It takes too long to get notifications from my Nest Hello. By the time I'm notified, the person is long gone. This is a really, really common problem. Is Google going to address this? I'm about to replace this with a Ring Video Doorbell which responds very fast. I'd rather not, because I think the Nest Hello has superior video.
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Hello, yes I have a similar issue albeit it's not consistently slow, this is the same for my Iphone X and desktop. Love Nest, quicker response time would be wonderful. I have very fast WiFi and doesn't make any difference when I am off WiFi.  Thank You! Randy Becker
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Hi Folks!

Thanks for reaching out. Let's see how I can help. Can you tell me more about what's going on? Are you receiving delayed notification on both push and email? Is it intermittent or constant? Are the notifications delayed on multiple mobile devices? In the meantime, you can check the steps I listed below that might help to resolve this: 
  1. Background app refresh is on.
  2. Do Not Disturb is off.
  3. Nest app and phone. 
  4. Connect the mobile device to another WiFi or cellular network.
  5. Try to sign into your account on another mobile device and trigger a notification to test.
  6. Connect the doorbell or  camera(s) to a different network and test.
  Let us know how it goes.
Last edited 8/21/19
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I just created a static IP for mine I'll let you know how it goes. Experiencing the same issues.
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I am having the same issues. I have the fastest internet and I also have wifi extenders through the house. I do not get delayed notifications for other products in my house, just for the my nest doorhell.
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I've had my nest cameras for over a year and the doorbell for about 5 months. Every one of these devices has a delay of around 15 seconds, sometimes more, which is insane. I was hopeful these issues would be fixed since it's such a widely known problem, but Nest appears to think that this behavior is acceptable for a security system.
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I have the exact same issue.  I could not be any unhappier with the nest doorbell.  I only got it over the Ring so I could have one app with my thermostat but I will not be recommending this to anyone over the Ring.  Really poor quality product.
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Hi Folks,  
Thanks for reaching out. While we expect notifications to be received instantly (or within minutes), there are several factors that may prevent this. Network delays from the camera to Nest’s servers, and from Nest’s servers to the device affect overall delivery speed. Also, it could be with the cooldown period. Because Nest attempts to send the customer the right number of alerts at the right times, the camera will trigger a short cooldown period each time a notification is sent. While the duration of the cooldown period can vary by alert type (person, sound, motion, etc.) the behavior remains the same. Nest has no way of accounting for or affecting cellular network or customer ISP service, so you might receive several notifications at once, especially after you take a device out of Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode.   
Hope this helps.   
Last edited 9/19/19
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 Thank you!
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We've had our Nest cameras for a couple of years now and for the last six months or so, it takes a very long time to receive alerts. Just this morning, it took two hours to alert that it saw my husband leaving for work. It is rare that it alerts immediately and it's more typical for it to take upwards of 30 minutes. We do not have alerts by email, only by text and the alert is sent to two cell phones - both phones get the notifications at the same time.
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1 day
I get same, long delay on notifications and at least 2 seconds on the chime to Nest Hub.
What I don't get is I can send an email to my Gmail account, and that arrives quicker to my phone than the Nest chime sounds delay, when my phone is near the Nest Hello (ie using same WiFi).
I have ticket open with Nest, they have escalated, still waiting for a response.
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