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google home won't play / can't find certain "tune-in" radio stations

I can listen to a speciifc "tune-in" radio station via the web on my computer, but when I ask google home to play the same radio station, it says the station is not available.  I've tried this many many times, and been very specific, using the call letters and the freq. address, even including the city and country where the station is broadcasting from.  So, I'm sure it's not just an issue of me not identifying what station I want to listen to.  If google home uses tune-in to play radio stations, then there should be no reason why it can't play any radio station from tune-in that I can play on my computer.  What's up with that ? 
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Same issue but also add it can not play any of the podcast from tune-in.
Grace Y.
Grace Y.
Hi there everybody, 

Thanks for posting in the Google Home Help Forum. Can you provide specific examples of stations that you're having issues with? 

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Streaming KOZT on Tunein worked perfectly...at first.  Then it couldn't find Tunein anymore.  I contacted TUNEIN support and made them aware of the problem.  Within a couple of days they got back to say: 

"Thank you for reaching out to TuneIn. I’ve checked and it seems that there was a reliability issue regarding the KOZT’s internet stream (Mp3). Though, the AAC is up and running. You may want to restart your device and reset your internet connection and listen to the station again."

I also had to REBOOT Home (Home App. Settings> Devices> Reboot) which is NOT THE SAME AS RESETTING.  After Tunein replied (see above) and two Home reboots KOZT streamed again normally.  The next day Home said it would start but nothing happened.  I left it while doing something else and after about 5 mins. it started streaming again.  I did nothing to my router or internet connection as everything else had been working fine.

Yesterday and today it took about 4 mins. for the stream to start.  

This suggests, to me, that Tunein needs to do something else to improve start time at least for HOME.

NOTE: going directly to Tunein.com on a PC and starting KOZT stream worked perfectly after Tunein addressed the 'reliability issue'.

As a user it is maddening to have multiple vendors involved in a problem.  At least this time there was no finger pointing of one to the other! :-)

 have same issue.  Station is WHAM, 1180 am Rochester,NY.  It is listed on TuneIn
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the problem has gotten worse for me.  now google home no longer will search for radio stations on tunein.  when I aske it to play a radio station, it tells me that it can't find that in "google play"  it seems that somehow it has lost its ability or privilage to use or play radio stations or podcasts through tunein   just a week ago when you asked it to play a radio station, it would say "searching for XXXXX radio station on tunein"  now it just says "I can't find that google play"   
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Hey RobDez, this is an old thread. I'd take a look here or search the forum for other threads that might be more current with respect to Tune-In. Usually and more than likely the error rests with Tune-In.

On Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 5:07:31 AM UTC-4, RobDez wrote:
Same issue for me :
1. Which specific stations are you having issues with?

RTL (France)

2. Are you having issues getting other stations on TuneIn to play?
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