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How healthcare providers can partner with Nest

At Google Nest, we're putting people first and building technology around their needs, with a focus on creating whole home solutions that are truly helpful. We're also committed to keeping our customers' data secure and respecting their privacy. These principles have been central to our work with hospitals during the COVID-19 health crisis, where, in a series of limited trials, our camera products and purpose-built healthcare worker consoles are being utilized to help healthcare providers observe patients more effectively and safely. 

If you’re a hospital administrator and interested in a similar partnership with Google Nest, first take a look at our basic technological requirements below to see if your organization is a good fit. 

Our basic requirements are:

  • A Wi-Fi network must be available with WPA2 encryption. This is required, and WPA Enterprise is not supported. We recommend a  5GHz Wi-Fi network capability; visit this site to find out more about our Nest consumer Wi-Fi configuration suggestions.
  • A G Suite account. This is required for an administrative account and monitoring patients.
  • Powerful monitoring stations for accommodating multiple camera feeds with live video.
    • Suggested: Tablets or computers that are relatively new (purchased within the last two to three years) are ideal. However, let us know if this is a challenge.
    • Suggested: 10M download/5M upload consistent bandwidth.
    • Suggested: A newer, higher CPU computer will allow for higher quality and faster livestream view.


If you believe you meet these technical requirements and want to know more, contact our team at


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