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Troubleshoot emergency calling

Note: If there’s a dangerous emergency in your home (like a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or an intruder) leave immediately and call 911 from a safe location.

You see "Issue" next to your address

If your address wasn’t verified when you first set up your Nest Aware subscription, you’ll get a notification that says Unable to verify your address on your phone. In the Emergency Calling settings in the Google Home app Google Home app, you’ll see Issue next to your address

You can still use emergency calling with Nest Aware during this time, but any emergency call you make will be directed to a national call center instead of the emergency call center closest to your home.

First, check that your address was entered correctly.

  1. Open the Home app Google Home app.
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Select Nest Aware and then Emergency calling.
  4. Next to your address you’ll see its current status.
    • Verified - Your address is good to go.
    • Verifying - We’re still checking your address. Until it’s been verified, your 911 calls may get routed to a national 911 call center.
    • Issue - Your address hasn’t been verified, your 911 calls will be routed to a national 911 call center.
  5. Review your address information. 
    • If your address is correct but it still hasn’t been verified, contact Nest Aware support for more help.
    • If your address isn’t correct:
      • Tap on your address.
      • Tap Edit.
      • Update your address info and click Next.
  6. Once your address has been updated, try to set up Emergency Calling again.

Note: If you live in a new home, it’s possible your address hasn’t been added to the database of emergency addresses* approved to receive emergency services yet. Wait a few weeks before you try to verify your address again. 

You couldn't set up Emergency Calling

If you aren’t home when you try to set up Emergency Calling in the Home app Google Home app, you’ll get a message that says Your phone is outside the address area. You'll need to wait until you are physically at the home before you can complete the setup process.

Before you try to set up Emergency Calling again, make sure that:

  • You are physically at your home
  • You’ve entered the full street address for the home in the Home app Google Home app 
  • You’ve turned on Location permissions for the Home app Google Home app in your device’s Settings

Your call was disconnected

When you use emergency calling, the 911 operator may ask you for a call back number. If you’re disconnected before you can provide a call back number, the operator can still call you back on your cell phone.

*This database is not owned or operated by Google.

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