Watch YouTube TV on your Google Nest display

Set up YouTube TV on your Nest display

Before you start: In order to watch YouTube TV on your Nest display, you will need a YouTube TV account or trial account.

Note: You do not need a YouTube TV account to watch standard YouTube or YouTube Premium on your Nest display.

Control YouTube TV

There are several ways to control YouTube TV on your Nest display.

  • Voice commands – Say “Hey Google…” then your voice command.
  • Touch screen – Tap or swipe the Nest display screen.
    • Control overlay – While watching YouTube TV, tap the screen to bring up a set of controls such as play/pause, next, previous.
  • Quick Gestures – Use a hand gesture in front of the Nest display camera.
    Note: Quick Gestures are only available on Nest Hub Max.

From this screen

To do this…

Say or do this.

Home screen

Start watching YouTube TV

  • Say “Hey Google…” then:
    • … watch TV
    • … play TV
    • … watch YouTube TV
    • … go to YouTube TV

Any screen

Browse the channel guide

  • Say “Hey Google…” then:
    • … what’s on TV?
    • … show me the TV guide
    • … open the TV listings
    • … what’s on YouTube TV

Note: You can browse for other channels and content while watching YouTube TV.

Note: you can tap on 'Show Top Picks' on the screen to view top picks

Any screen

View top picks for you 

  • Say “Hey Google…” then:
    • …Open YouTubeTV
    • …Show me YouTube TV

Note: You can tap on 'Show channel guide' on the screen to view the channel guide

Watching YouTube TV

Open control overlay

  • Tap the screen

Watching YouTube TV


  • Say “Hey Google…” then:
    • … pause
    • … play
  • While looking at the screen, hold your hand up in front of the camera.
    Note: Quick Gestures only available on displays with cameras.
  • With the control overlay open, tap the Play or Pause button.

Watching YouTube TV

Next channel

  • Swipe right on screen.

Watching YouTube TV

Previous channel

  • Swipe left on screen

Watching YouTube TV

Browse additional programmes 

  • Tap the screen
  • Swipe up on screen
  • Swipe to view additional programmes

YouTube TV home screen card

Open a specific TV programme on the card

  • Tap on the programme that you want to watch.

Any screen

Open YouTube TV to a specific channel, show or film that’s currently playing

  • Say “Hey Google…” then:
    • … play [channel/show/film] 
    • … watch [channel/show/film]
    • …play [channel/show/film] on YouTube TV
    • … watch [channel/show/film] on YouTubeTV

Recommendation cards

If you have personal results enabled, your Nest display may show you cards with recommendations for content to watch, based on your viewing habits. 

If Face Match is enabled, members of your household may see different recommendations when they approach the Nest display. Face Match doesn’t need to be on in order to get recommendation cards, but the recommendations will be more tailored to individual household members. 

To watch a recommended show, tap on it.

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