Learn about Nest Secure's audio test

The audio test checks that Nest Guard’s microphone, speaker and siren are working properly.

 If the audio test fails, you cannot arm your security system until it passes a new audio test. This is because Nest Secure might not be able to sound the alarm in an emergency.

Note: To perform the test,  Nest Guard should be plugged in to AC power and connected to the internet. 

How to run the audio test

  1. To start the audio test, open the Nest app and tap Security.
  2. If the alarm is on, turn it off.
  3. Tap SettingsNest settings icon
  4. Scroll down and tap Nest Guard and then Audio test and then Start audio test

If the test fails, you’ll receive a notification and a message in the Nest app. To find the message, open the Nest app and tap MenuArrow pointing down and then Messages.

Troubleshoot if the test fails

If Nest Guard fails the test, test it once more. If it fails again, you might need to test Nest Guard in another location. Nest Guard can fail the test if it’s installed in small areas enclosed on most or all sides, such as recessed shelves or a cabinet.

Move Nest Guard to a hard surface, like a table, with no obstacles nearby, and try the test again. If Nest Guard passes the test, you can move it back to its original location.  

If the test continues to fail, contact customer support for more help. 

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