Video is blurry, pixelated, discoloured or has glare

If you’re simply having a problem with the way your camera’s footage looks, and you don’t think it’s related to Wi-Fi, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Blurry, out-of-focus or splotchy video can be caused by a few things:
    • Remove the sticker on the lens. Nest cameras come with a clear sticker covering the lens to help protect it during delivery and setup. It should be removed.
    • Clean the lens with a soft lint-free cloth to remove dust or debris. Try our suggestions for cleaning your Google Nest camera.
  • A black and white picture during daytime typically means that Night Vision is set to Always on. Try changing the Night Vision setting to Auto.
  • Glare is commonly caused by the sun shining into the camera lens or being reflected off a nearby surface. Try one or more of the following solutions, then check your camera's video stream to confirm that the issue is fixed.
    • Use the Nest app to zoom and enhance and crop out surfaces or objects that may be causing glare.
    • Change the angle or position of your camera so that the sun never shines directly on the lens. For example, angle your camera slightly downwards or give it some shade to protect its lens from direct sunlight.
    • Move nearby objects that may be reflecting the sunlight if possible.
  • Grainy or pixellated video while you're watching remotely could indicate a slow Internet connection in your current location. Please see the section above about watching video remotely.
  • Video has a pink, purple or blue tint:
    • This can happen if your camera gets too hot or too cold.
      • Do not use indoor cameras outside; they are not designed for outdoor use and have an operating temperature range for indoor environments.
      • Place outdoor cameras under eaves or in shady areas to help prevent overheating during the summer.
      • Your camera's video might also have a pink, blue or purple hue if there's a problem with Night Vision. For Night Vision issues, see the sections below for additional troubleshooting.
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