Nest thermostat stuck during startup

It’s normal for a Google Nest thermostat to take some time to start up after you reset or restart it. You’ll see an animation on the screen to let you know it’s making progress. But if this screen doesn’t go away after a minute or two, is frozen or stuck, follow these steps. 

1. Check the power cables

If you have a wireless Nest thermostat installation

  • Check that the Nest power cord is fully seated in the Nest base and the other end is fully inserted into the power plug. 
  • Next check that the plug has been pushed all the way into a wall socket, and that the socket is receiving power.

If your Nest thermostat is connected to your old thermostat’s cables, make sure that they are fully inserted into the Nest thermostat’s connectors.

Important: Turn off power to your system at the breaker box, fuse box or system switch. This helps prevent damage to your system and keeps you safe.

  1. Pull the thermostat display off the base.
  2. Check that all of the wires connected to your thermostat are fully inserted.
  3. If any of the wire tips are corroded, re-strip the end of the wires.
  4. Press the thermostat display back onto the base until you hear a click.
  5. Turn power to your system back on.

2. Reseat the Nest thermostat display

Make sure that the thermostat display is properly connected to its base. 

  1. Pull the display off the base.
  2. Gently push the thermostat wires back into the wall. If they stick out, they can prevent the display from fully connecting to the base.
  3. Press the display back onto the base until you hear a click.

Note: If you used screws other than the ones included with your Nest thermostat to mount it to the wall, they can also prevent the display from attaching properly to the base.

3. Restart your Nest thermostat

Try restarting your Nest thermostat again if needed.

  1. Press and hold the thermostat ring down until the display turns off.
  2. Release the ring and then press it once to begin startup again.
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