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Remind Me notifications

Nest no longer supports Nest Secure. It will not be accessible in the Nest app and will no longer connect to the internet. You cannot use the Nest app to check the status of your Nest Secure, control your Nest Secure devices, or receive notifications from your alarm system.

For more information, go to this Community Forum post.

Remind Me notifications remind you to lock the Nest × Yale Lock when you’ve left home.

Important: You should always use a passcode on your phone to prevent unwanted access.

How Remind Me notifications work

After you've left home

  1. If you’re the last person to leave home, Remind Me can notify you as soon as your phone detects that you’ve left home. 

  2. Use the Remind Me notification to lock your product.

  • For the Nest × Yale Lock, you can lock your door without opening the Nest app by selecting Lock when Remind Me asks you if you’d like to lock the door.

  1. If you didn’t respond to the notification, the app will automatically switch your home to Away when it’s sure your home is unoccupied.

Other things to consider

  • Everyone who uses the app to share access to the Nest home can get a Remind Me notification, even if someone else was the last person to leave the home.  

  • When you lock the Nest × Yale Lock with the Remind Me notification, your home will switch to Away, which can change the behavior of other Nest products in your home (for instance, your thermostat may switch to Eco Temperature). 

  • Remind Me notifications depend on whether your home is set to Home or Away. So make sure each person with shared access to your home is using their phone location to help switch as accurately as possible. 

  • Notifications are provided for convenience and should not replace ordinary care in locking your door.

Enable or disable Remind Me notifications

Note: If Nest × Yale Lock Remind Me notifications are enabled, you’ll get a notification with the option to lock the door when leaving.

Important things to know

  • Remind me notifications are on by default.

    • However, if you activated the Nest × Yale Lock before August 2019, you’ll need to enable this feature in the Nest app settings.

  • For Remind Me notifications to work, Home/Away Assist (Nest app) or Home & Away Routines (Google Home app) has to be on.

  • Everyone sharing access to your home should have their phone’s location on to help with Home/Away Assist or Home & Away Routines accuracy.

  • You can only enable or disable Remind Me notifications in the Nest app, not in the Home app.

Nest × Yale Lock

  1. Open the Nest app.

  2. Tap Settings Nest settings icon on the home screen.

  3. Select Home/Away Assist.

  4. Select your lock.

  5. If it’s not turned on already, tap the switch to turn on “Use phone location with your lock?”

  6. Tap Remind Me and tap the switch to enable notification reminders to lock your door.

Note: If you have more than one lock with Remind Me notifications enabled, you’ll get a notification for each lock in your home.

Troubleshoot Remind Me notifications

Here’s a quick list of things to check if Remind Me isn’t notifying you when you’re the last person to leave or the first person home:

  • Remind Me must be turned on in the Nest app and Home/Away Assist must be set to lock the door when your home switches between Home and Away.

  • Each person sharing access to your home should have their phone’s location on to help with Home/Away Assist.

    • If people who share access to your home have their phone location turned off, they may not get Remind Me notifications if they’re the last to leave or first to come back.

  • People should bring their phones with them when they leave. If someone heads out the door but leaves their phone at home, Home/Away Assist will think they’re still there and won’t send a Remind Me notification.

If you have an Android phone and you have it set to Do Not Disturb, you won’t receive any app notifications by default. However, you can set the Nest app or Home app to override Do Not Disturb mode so that you can still be notified by critical notifications.

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