Don’t share your account email and password

Note: This article is for users who have not migrated their Nest account to a Google Account. Learn about Nest accounts and how you can migrate to a Google account in our FAQs about accounts in the Nest app.

Companies that are not certified Works With Nest partners may ask you to use your account information to sign into their service. Other websites or apps may try to simply steal your account email and password by posing as a Works With Nest partner.

Sharing your account email and password with unauthorized websites or apps can compromise the security of your home and personal information.

For example, you might experience one or more of the following:

  • Uninvited people, websites or apps could access your home and take control of your Nest and Works With Nest products.
  • Your products may behave erratically.
  • The Nest app may not work as it should.
  • Nest’s 2-step verification may not work properly. In addition, you may get a series of unexpected text messages on your phone when the third-party service tries to use your information to sign in.
  • You may receive unsolicited emails.

What to do if you start experiencing issues after sharing your account information

If you’ve already shared your email address and password with another company, you might want to contact them and have them remove your information from their system. Nest does not have access to the systems managed by third-party companies. You’ll need to contact the third-party company directly.

In some cases, you may not be able to remove your account information from third-party systems. However, you can always change your account password or even change the email address that you use to sign into the Nest app. To learn more, see the following article:

Account Frequently Asked Questions

Works With Nest partners won’t ask for personal information

When you set up a Works With Nest connection, no personal information,
such as your account password and email, is shared with the partner.

You should only allow certified Works With Nest partners to have access to
your account. When you enable a Works with Nest connection, no personal
information, such as your account password and email, is shared with the
partner. They are only granted access to limited data, such as whether your
home is set to Away. You will always be able to see exactly what information
the connection is requesting and the developer’s reasons why the connection
needs that specific information.

In addition, the entire setup process uses secure tokens to communicate. These tokens are secured with OAuth 2.0, a standard that’s widely used by many leading technology companies.

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