How to set up a Works with Nest connection


Works with Nest (WWN) was the original way that third party partners could access and control your Nest products. They were fully integrated with a Nest product and could check and change its status. Works with Nest connections will continue to work for those users who have a non-migrated Nest Account in the Nest app for as long as our partners support them. 

Works with Google Assistant (WWGA) enables the Google Assistant to control all your connected products. You can use the Google Assistant to create Assistant Routines in the Home or Assistant apps. We’ve announced two new aspects of WWGA specifically for the products in your home: Device Access and Home Routines.

Read more on our blog to learn about Device Access and other ways to create a helpful home

To learn more about the broader changes to our Works with Nest program, see our What's Happening at Nest FAQs page and updates to Works with Nest blog.

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