How often Nest Protect connects to the internet

Google Nest Protect will connect to the internet at least once each day. In the event of a Heads-Up or Emergency Alarm, it will immediately connect to the internet. On a daily basis, Nest Protect uses almost no bandwidth. From time to time it will use a minimal amount to download software updates.

When you make changes to Nest Protect settings in the Nest app, such as turning Pathlight on, your changes will automatically be updated within a day. But for potentially dangerous smoke and carbon monoxide events, Nest Protect will immediately connect to the internet, update its status and send a notification to your phone. Even if multiple events happen within a short time, it will connect and update for each event.

To find out how long it’s been since your Nest Protect connected to the internet, sign into your account in the Nest app. When you select your Nest Protect, you’ll see when it last connected.

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How to connect and update Nest Protect manually

As long as there isn't a Heads-Up alert or Emergency Alarm, you can press the Nest Protect's button to manually connect anytime. Nest Protect will announce that it is "ready", and will automatically connect to the Internet, updating any settings changes you've made in the Nest app. It may take a minute or two for the app to update with the most recent status from your Nest Protect.

In the event of an emergency, Nest Protect will automatically connect to the Internet.


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