Troubleshoot phone location

The Nest or Home app will ask you to update your phone’s settings if there’s something you can do to improve how Home/Away Assist works for you.

Your app regularly checks your phone or tablet settings to help make sure that your home switches between Home and Away as accurately as possible. If it sees that you can change a setting to make it work better, it will let you know by alerting you when you open the app. You’ll see a customized list of things that you should change on your device. Be sure to change the suggested settings, but you may also want to check all the settings below if you haven’t already.

How Home/Away Assist uses your phone’s location

Note: The Nest or Home app will only show you the Phone location screen no more than once a week so you don’t get bugged every time you need to use the app.

If you don’t want to change your settings, you can set your app to not use your phone’s location.
In the Home app, go to your Home settings and tap Presence sensing.
In the Nest app, go to Settings and tap Home/Away Assist.

Here are the things to check on your device, and how to change them.

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