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Manually control heating when Heat Link is disconnected

If you can’t control heating with your Google Nest thermostat or the app, the Heat Link and thermostat may be disconnected. You can press the Heat Link's button to turn heating on and off until the connection is restored.

Press the button on your Heat Link to manually turn on heating:

  • Nest Thermostat E: Press Heat Link’s button twice
  • 3rd and 2nd gen Nest Learning Thermostat: Press Heat Link’s button once

Press the button again to manually turn off heating (press twice for Nest Thermostat E).

This way, you can stay comfortable while you troubleshoot connection problems.


 Nest Thermostat E Heat Link heat link light 2nd gen Heat Link

Nest Thermostat E
Heat Link

3rd generation
Nest Learning Thermostat
Heat Link

2nd generation
Nest Learning Thermostat
Heat Link


Keep in mind:

  • Manual heat mode will continue to heat your home until you manually turn it off, even if you reconnect your thermostat.
  • If your thermostat controls hot water, your hot water will also turn on when you turn on manual heating..
  • When manual heating is on, your system won’t follow your regular schedule. It also won’t be able to follow other thermostat settings. For example, if you have an OpenTherm compatible system, manual heating mode will not allow your boiler to modulate water temperature..
  • You can only turn on manual heating if Heat Link is disconnected from your thermostat. Otherwise, use your thermostat or the app to control heating.

How to tell if manual heating is on 


Nest Thermostat E

3rd generation
Nest Learning Thermostat

2nd generation
Nest Learning Thermostat

To check status:

Press Heat Link’s button once and look at the heating light gen 3 heat light green.

Heat Link’s heating light gen 3 heat light green and hot water light nest thermostat hot water green icon  (if applicable) will automatically illuminate.

Heat Link’s status light blink yellow  will automatically illuminate.

If manual heating is on, the light will be:

Solid green for 5 seconds

Note: if the light pulses green, manual heating is not on. Your thermostat is connected, so there’s no need to turn on manual heating.



Solid green



Blinking yellow

Tip: If you see any other lights, colors, or blink patterns, visit the following article:

         Learn about the lights on Heat Link and what they mean >

Troubleshooting Heat Link's connection 

On your thermostat, you’ll see an error beginning with the
letter H
 when Heat Link is disconnected.

In order to control your system with your Nest thermostat or
the app, you’ll need to troubleshoot the connection. Refer to
the article below:

       Troubleshooting Nest thermostat errors >

thermostat error message

How to turn manual heating off 

If your Heat Link is not connected to your thermostat, you can always press Heat Link’s button once (twice for Nest Thermostat E) to turn off manual heating.

If your Heat Link has reconnected to your thermostat, you have three options:

  • Press your Heat Link’s button once (twice for Nest Thermostat E).
  • Use your thermostat:
    • The thermostat display will say MANUAL to confirm that manual heating is on.
    • Turn the thermostat ring. A message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to turn off manual heat mode. Select Turn off.
  • Use the Nest app:
    • On the Nest app home screen, select your thermostat.
    • The thermostat screen will say MANUAL. Tap MANUAL to end manual heating.

As long as your Heat Link is connected to your thermostat, turning off manual heating will return your thermostat to its usual temperature and hot water schedule.

Note: Once Heat Link has been reconnected to your thermostat, you won’t be able to turn on manual heating again unless it loses the connection.

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