Learn about using Google home view to control your Nest products

The home view in the Google Home app and on Google Smart Displays lets you control supported Nest products, and Google Assistant linked devices, in one central place.

Before you can control your Nest products with Google home view, you’ll need to set them up with the Google Home app. You can also let other people control your Nest products by inviting them to be home members with the Google Home app.

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How to set up home view

To get started with Google home view:

  1. Download Google Home app for iOS or Android 
  2. Connect your Nest products to Google

Note: Only the Owner of the Nest Home can perform this step.

Google home view is available on:

  • Smart Displays (like the Google Home Hub)
  • The Google Home app for iOS and Android

Controlling your Nest products with home view

Home view supports the following Nest products:

Google Nest thermostats

  • Change the temperature
  • Switch between heating, cooling, and Eco modes

Google Nest cameras

  • View the live video stream

Google Nest Hello video doorbell

  • View the live video stream
  • Get visitor announcements (Smart Display only)

Home view also lets you control your Nest products using your voice.

See Google home members who can control your Nest products

If you have migrated your Nest Account to a Google Account

  • You will manage and view people who can control your products with the Google Home app, not the Nest app.

If you have not migrated your Nest Account

  • The Google Home app allows the Owner of a Nest home to invite up to five other people to manage all of the smart products in the Google home, including supported Nest products, directly from the Google Home app.

  • Google home members who use the Home app are different from people who have access to a Nest home with Family Accounts in the Nest app.

  • Home members that have been added through the Google Home app can control the Nest products added to that Google home, but will not be visible in the Nest app.

  • You’ll need to use the Google Home app and be a Google home member to see other people who are home members.

  • If you have a Family Account and would like to also be added as a Google home member, ask the Owner of the Nest home to follow the steps outlined in this Google Help Center article.

For more information on how to share access with other people and view who has access via the Google Home app, please see this Google Help Center article.

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