Troubleshooting Eco Temperature when your thermostat is on a stand

If you’re using a Google Nest Thermostat with the Google Nest Stand, and it’s not switching between the Eco Temperature and heating when you think it should, there are some simple fixes. It’s especially important that you have the stand located at the recommended height between .75 and 1 meter above the floor.

Before you start troubleshooting, remember that the Nest Thermostat will wait before switching to Eco Temperature when everyone’s gone. This is to make sure you haven’t just made a quick run to the store. How long your thermostat will wait depends on what it’s learned about your home and your habits, and where you’ve installed your thermostat. In some cases, the delay can be a couple of hours, so be patient. If you see that your thermostat hasn’t switched to Eco Temperature after a few hours, you can manually set your thermostat to Eco Temperature if needed, then follow the steps below.

Note: The troubleshooting steps in this article generally apply if you don’t have a phone helping Home/Away Assist know if you’re home or have left. If you do have a phone helping and you’re having trouble, please see the following article.

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How to troubleshoot Nest Stand and Eco Temperature switching issues

1. Make sure Home/Away Assist is set to switch to Eco Temperature

Someone may have changed Home/Away Assist
settings to keep it from switching your thermostat to
Eco Temperature. You can check that switching to Eco
Temperature is enabled with the Nest app or on the Nest Thermostat.

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Nest thermostat USE ECO

2. Check the Nest Stand location

Exactly where you place your thermostat can have a big impact on how well it switches between heating and Eco Temperature. In addition, moving your thermostat can dramatically affect how your thermostat works. It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved its position a few inches, or moved it to a new room, it will need to re-learn about its new location.

First, check the location of your Nest Stand to make sure it can see activity. It should be installed per the specifications in the manual, between .75 and 1 meter above the floor. For complete details see the following article:

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For instance, if you've placed your thermostat too far back from the edge of a shelf, work top or table, its sensors can be blocked and it may not sense if you're at home or away. If you have a 3rd gen Nest Thermostat with Farsight enabled, you can test this. You’ll know it sees activity when the screen wakes up as you move around the room.

If you’ve placed your Nest Stand on a low table or surface such as a TV stand, your thermostat may be noticing your pets and not switch to Eco Temperature, thinking that you may still be home. Try moving it to a higher location if this seems to be the issue. Your thermostat may also be too high. See the following articles for recommendations on where to place your Nest Stand.

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But even after you've adjusted its location, you may need to reset what your thermostat has learned about your home and your habits. Read step 4 below to learn about resetting your thermostat’s learning.

Note: You should only move your Nest Thermostat if necessary. It learns and works best when it's left in one place and shouldn't be moved for the sake of it.


3. Check that Works with Nest connections aren’t interfering

Occasionally, Works with Nest connections can prevent a thermostat from switching to Eco Temperature, or a home from switching to Away mode. If you have an active Works with Nest connection that you suspect, try removing it with the Nest app and see if that fixes the problem. You can set up the connection again after testing if you want to continue using it.

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4. Reset Home/Away Assist learning

You normally would only need to reset thermostat
learning if you recently changed your habits or moved
your thermostat to a new spot. After you reset what
your thermostat has learned, it will relearn your habits
and temperature preferences. It will be ready to
automatically switch to Eco Temperature again in a few

Follow these steps to reset Away:

1. Press the thermostat ring to open the Quick View screen and select Settings.
2. Select the last option: Reset.
3. Choose Away and follow the on-screen instructions.

nest thermostat reset away


5. Add a phone to help with Home/Away Assist

Home/Away Assist uses your phone’s location to let your thermostat know when you’re home and when you’ve left. So adding a phone or tablet to help with Home/Away Assist can help your thermostat switch between Eco Temperature and heating without your thermostat having to see you.

To use your phone or tablet’s location:

1. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Nest app home screen.
2. Select Home/Away Assist.
3. Choose What decides if you’re home.
4. Then select Use phone location and tap the button to enable it.

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