Troubleshooting Home/Away Assist

Home/Away Assist can use both Nest product sensor data and your phone’s location to tell when you’ve left the house and when you’ve come back. Here are some troubleshooting tips if your Nest thermostat didn’t switch to or out of Eco Temperature as you expected, if your camera didn’t turn on or off, or if your home didn’t switch modes.

Check Activity History with the app

A quick look in the app will tell you why and when your home switched between modes.

  1. You can see why your home was set to Home or
    Away by going to Settings Nest settings icon and then Home/Away Assist.
    Scroll down to the bottom and select Activity History.
  2. You’ll see activity history for the last 10 days. Tap on a
    day to see details for that day’s events. You’ll be able
    to see activity that caused switching between Home
    and Away modes.
  3. Check for the days and times you think that your
    home switched modes incorrectly. For instance, you
    might see Home: Activity in the house.
    Living Room Thermostat 7:30 PM
    meaning that your home
    switched out of Away mode because your thermostat
    saw activity.
  4. Once you know what caused your home to switch
    incorrectly, you can try to prevent it in the future. For
    example, you might move a product that sees too much
    activity, or turn off motion sensing for that product using the
    app. You can read more below for some specific settings
    you can change based on the issue you’re having.
Activity history page

Don’t share your email and password

Don’t share your email and password with other people who have access to your home. When more than one person uses the same credentials to sign into the app, it can cause unexpected behavior with your home and Nest products. Use the Nest app to invite other people to share access to your home. They’ll create an account with their own email and password.

Your camera didn’t switch as expected

Don’t use a camera schedule and Home/Away Assist at the same time. To disable the schedule, go to your camera’s settings and select Schedule.

Your thermostat has trouble switching to or out of Eco Temperature

  • Make sure your thermostat is set to automatically switch to Eco Temperature. Go to Settings Nest settings icon and thenHome/Away Assist to check.
  • Check that someone else with shared access didn’t manually change the temperature causing your thermostat to switch from Eco Temperature to heating.
  • If your thermostat was manually set to Eco Temperature, it won’t automatically switch back to heating when someone comes home. Manually set it to heating, and it will resume automatically switching again.
  • Nest thermostats are designed to live in one place and shouldn’t be moved around. If your thermostat was moved from its original location, either move it back or reset Away so it can learn about its new location. Use the app for convenient remote control wherever you are in your home.

Your home didn’t change modes

  • If you have pets, and Nest products are in rooms that your pets use often, remove them from the list of things that are helping in Settings Nest settings icon and then Home/Away Assist.
  • Check that your phone isn’t in airplane mode, and that cellular or mobile data is enabled.
  • Go to Settings Nest settings icon and then Home/Away Assist and check to see that your location is correct at the top of the screen. If you’re at home, Home should be blue. If your location isn’t right, go to Settings Nest settings icon and then Home info > Address to check that your home’s location on the map is correct.

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