Troubleshoot video history gaps or missing parts

Nest Aware is the subscription service that records your camera’s video in Nest’s secure cloud. With it, you can watch your video history in the Nest app. The steps to troubleshoot video history will depend on whether only some or all of it is missing.

Some of your video history is missing

If there are gaps in your video history there were times when your camera wasn’t streaming video. When you try to watch the video from those times, the Nest app will tell you that your camera was either off or offline.

  • If your camera said it was turned off and you’re pretty sure no one turned it off manually, there are a few possibilities. It may have turned itself off according to your Home/Away Assist settings.

    How your camera works with Home/Away Assist >

    Or it could have turned off because you created a manual schedule.

    How to set up a manual schedule for your camera >

  • If your camera said it went offline, it may have simply lost power, so double check the power adapter and wall outlet, and make sure your neighborhood wasn’t experiencing a power outage at the time.

    Otherwise, you’ll need to troubleshoot your camera’s Wi-Fi connection. See the section at the beginning of this article about checking your home’s internet speed or try the more detailed suggestions at the very bottom of this article.

All of your video history is missing

Nest Aware needs to be active in your account – either with a trial or a paid subscription – in order for your camera to record video. All of your video history will go away and you’ll only be able to watch live video if:

  • The Nest Aware trial expired (and you haven’t signed up for a paid subscription).
  • The Owner of the Nest home canceled a paid Nest Aware subscription.
  • The Nest Aware subscription got canceled because the credit card associated with the subscription expired; before this happens, we’ll send a series of emails to the Owner of the Nest home asking them to update their payment info.

Add a Nest Aware subscription to your account to start recording video again and enjoy all the other benefits of Nest Aware, like Activity Zones and more meaningful alerts.

If you have an active Nest Aware subscription, and you just need some help using the Nest app to view your video history, we have some tips for viewing it on your phone or on a computer.

Note: If you’re watching video through a public or password-protected link (rather than the Nest app), live streaming is the only option. You can’t view video history this way.

If your camera simply won’t stay connected, try our more detailed Wi-Fi suggestions:

Troubleshooting when Google  Nest Cam disconnects or is offline in the Nest app >

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