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Troubleshoot CVR video history gaps or missing parts

Use this article to troubleshoot video history if you have a 24/7 Nest Aware Plus or a 1st gen Nest Aware subscription. 

If you have an Event-based recording (EBR) subscription, visit Troubleshoot event-based recording.

You'll see gaps in your video history if your camera was turned off or was offline. If you have an EBR subscription, you'll also see dark gray areas in your timeline with "No activity detected" when your camera didn't detect motion or sound events.  

  • If you have a Nest Aware Plus subscription, you get 24/7 continuous video history (CVR) for the last 10 days. After that, your video history is automatically converted to events, so there will be gaps in older video.
  • If you have a 1st Gen Nest Aware subscription, you get 24/7 continuous video history.
  • If you have a Nest Aware subscription, your subscription only includes EBR. For help with video history gaps, visit Troubleshoot event-based recording.

Some of your video history is missing

You might find gaps in your camera's video history with the words "The camera was off or offline." These gaps happen when your camera wasn't streaming video, because of one of the following:

All of your video history is missing

Reminder: How your camera stores video depends on which model you have:

  • Without a subscription, cameras that are set up in the Home app store video clips for 3 hours after the event. 
  • For all other cameras, you need to have an active Nest Aware subscription (paid or trial) for your camera to record and store video.
All of your video history will go away and you'll only be able to watch live video if:
  • The Nest Aware trial expired before you signed up for a paid subscription.
  • The Owner of the Nest home canceled the paid Nest Aware subscription.
  • The Nest Aware subscription was automatically canceled because the credit card associated with the subscription expired. Before this happens, the Home Manager or Owner of the Nest home gets a series of emails asking them to update their payment info.
Note: You can't view video history through a public or password-protected link (instead of the Nest app), live streaming is the only option.
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