Your camera repeatedly goes offline

If you’ve tried or ruled out all of the above symptoms and solutions, and you’re still having trouble viewing video, we have some additional suggestions that can help if your camera’s Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping. For example, you may see one or more of these symptoms:

  • Your camera randomly goes offline, and, if you have a Google Nest Aware subscription, there are gaps in your video history.
  • Your camera’s small status light is solid yellow (Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor) or blinking green (Google Nest Cam IQ), indicating a Wi-Fi connection issue.
  • You see a message in the Nest app:
    • “Wi-Fi interference is affecting your camera’s video quality.”
    • “A weak Wi-Fi connection is affecting your camera’s video quality. Try moving the router and camera closer together.”
    • “Your Wi-Fi may not have enough upload speed, affecting your camera’s video. Try lowering the image quality in settings.”

For these symptoms, or if your camera simply won’t stay connected, try our more detailed Wi-Fi suggestions:

Troubleshooting when Google Nest Cam disconnects or is offline in the Nest app >

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