How to tell if you have a wired or a battery-powered smoke alarm

Before you buy a Google Nest Protect, check what type of smoke alarm your currently have to see if it can be replaced by a wired or battery-powered Protect will.

  • Wired smoke alarms often have a solid or flashing green light to indicate it has power. However, if there isn’t a green light, it doesn’t mean your smoke alarm is battery powered.

  • Take your smoke alarm off the wall or ceiling. Some alarms simply twist off, while others have screws holding them on.

    • If there aren’t wires connected to your alarm, then you have a battery-powered device. You can simply replace it with a battery powered Protect.

    • If there are wires connected to your alarm, you can replace it with a wired Nest Protect, or safely terminate the wires and install a battery powered Protect instead. Be sure that you comply with local electrical wiring regulations.

Important: If the wires also connect your smoke alarm to your home security system, Nest Protect won’t work with the security system. Nest Protect wirelessly interconnects to other Nest Protects, but not through a security panel.

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