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How to expand your Nest Secure alarm system

The Google Nest Secure alarm system starter pack includes some easy-to-use essentials that let
you start monitoring important spots around your home. If you want to expand your system’s
coverage, we made that easy too. You can add more Google Nest Detects and Google Nest Tags, subscribe
to professional monitoring with cellular backup, and install a Google Nest camera.

Your Nest Secure alarm system starter pack comes with the following products:

Nest secure guard front top angle image.

Two Nest Detects

nest tags line

One Google Nest Guard

Two Nest Detects
with open-close magnets

Two Nest Tags

Alarm, motion sensor,
microphone and keypad.

Senses when a door or
window opens or when
someone walks nearby.

Key fob lets you quickly arm
and disarm your home.


Nest Secure was designed for easy setup in a variety of homes, and all the parts needed for
installation are included. You don’t need to buy anything extra to start using it.

You can expand your coverage and make your home even more thoughtful by adding any of
the products listed below. To purchase these products, visit our online store.

Add more Detects to sense activity in more places

Detect is an advanced sensor that can look for doors or windows opening or motion in a
room. By installing additional Detects, you can cover more areas in your home. For example,
if you already have a Detect on a door, you can also put additional Detects on any windows
that might be tempting to intruders.

We made it easy to install Detect. The Nest app will guide you, and the following article
provides some tips to help you decide where and how to install your Detects:

               How to install Detect >

If one or more Detects are out of Guard’s range, and you want to expand coverage in your
home, simply add a Nest Connect to bridge the gap.

Give Tags to family and friends

Tag is a simple key fob that lets you arm and disarm your system by holding it on Guard. With
Tag, you don’t need to remember a passcode, so it’s a great option for kids and visitors.

Setting up a Tag to give someone is simple. The app will guide you through a few quick steps.

               How to set up Tag >

Each home can only have one Guard

You can’t add more Guards to your home because it’s the main hub of your security system. If
you want another keypad to arm and disarm your system, it’s already in your pocket: just use
the Nest app on your phone to control your system from almost anywhere.

If one or more Detects are out of Guard’s range, and you want to expand coverage in your
home, simply add a Google Nest Connect to bridge the gap.

Add professional monitoring with cellular backup for additional help

For people who want an extra layer of security, professional monitoring can help respond to
Nest Secure alarms. When you subscribe to professional monitoring, a trained agent will
confirm that the alarm isn't false by calling you or your emergency contacts. They can also
contact the police to respond if needed. A pro monitoring subscription includes cellular
backup so the service can receive security alerts even if Wi-Fi is down or the power is out.

           Learn more about pro monitoring >

See what’s happening with a Nest camera

Nest cameras add a visual dimension to security in your home. Even when you’re away, you
can use the Nest app on your phone to monitor live footage from your camera and talk to
people through the camera’s built in speaker and microphone. You can also get automatic
alerts when your camera notices important activity.


In addition, Nest cameras work closely with Nest
Secure to keep you in the loop during a security alarm.
As long as your camera has the same “where” label as
the Detect or Guard that sensed the activity, it can
automatically turn itself on and begin streaming video
during the alarm. In the Nest app, you can open 
Settings Nest settings icon to check each product’s “where” label and
make sure the app knows which products are in the
same room.

Nest cameras are available in the Nest Store. We offer
both indoor and outdoor models so you can keep an
eye on everything in and around your home.

          Buy Nest cameras in the Nest Store >

Subscribe to Google Nest Aware for extra camera intelligence
and video history

On its own, a Nest camera can send basic alerts for
activity and stream live video to your phone. With a
Nest Aware subscription, your camera can let you know
when it spots specific things like someone walking into
view. Your camera’s video history is also stored securely
in the cloud so you can go back and watch what happened
or share the video with law enforcement.

Security event guard app screen


              What you get with a Nest Aware subscription >

How many products you can have

There is a limit for the number of products you can add to your Nest home. Visit the following

              Managing multiple homes and products in the Nest app >

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