How to remove a Nest camera from its stand or mount

Nest offers a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras. This article covers the steps on how to remove your camera from its base or mount.

Each camera is different. Choose your camera below for more information.

Indoor cameras

Nest Cam Indoor 

Google Nest Cam Indoor cameras come in three parts:

  • Camera head that the power cable plugs into.
  • Metal ring the camera sits in.
  • Magnetic stand.

Also in the box:

  • Metal wall mount
  • Power adapter and cable
nest camera indoor parts


The camera comes pre-installed on the magnetic base so you can set it on a flat surface. The stand turns and tilts so you can point the camera in any direction.

Removing your camera from the wall mount

The Nest Cam Indoor attaches to the metal wall plate with a strong magnet. To remove it from the wall place, simply grip the base of the camera and pull away from the metal plate.

Remove your camera from the magnetic stand to use a tripod instead

To remove your camera from the stand and use a tripod instead, grip the metal ring at the top of the stand and turn to unscrew the ring. You’ll be able to screw your camera onto a tripod if you’d like.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor 

  • If you simply placed your Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor on a flat surface, you don’t need to do anything else. The stand and base are not detachable from the camera head.
  • If you used the optional wall mount, rotate the camera’s base (not its head) until it unscrews from the mount. Then you can remove the screws that hold the mount in place on your wall or ceiling.

Cam IQ animated turning wall mount

  • If you attached your camera to a tripod, make sure to grip the camera’s base (not the head) when removing it from the tripod.

Outdoor cameras and video doorbell 

Nest Hello 

Google Nest Hello is designed to snap into the wall mount. To remove the camera from the base, you’ll need the included release tool or an unfolded paperclip.

nest hello unlocker

  1. Insert the tool into the hole on the bottom of your Nest Hello.
  2. Press upward until your Hello snaps off the base.
  3. Grip the bottom of your camera and pull it away from the wall and off the base.

thumb tack insert

Nest Cam Outdoor 

Google Nest Cam Outdoor comes with an attached weatherproof cable. You’ll screw a metal plate to the wall where you want to mount your camera. Your camera attaches to this metal plate with a strong magnet.

To remove your camera from the base, simply grip the camera and pull away from the magnet.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor 

nest cam hexkey line

Your GoogleNest Cam IQ Outdoor uses a lock to securely attach to your wall. You’ll need to use the included hex key to detach your camera from the base. If you lose your hex key, you can purchase a 2.5 mm (3/32”) hex key from your local hardware store.

Insert the hex key into the hole on your Nest Cam IQ Outdoor base. Turn the hex key counterclockwise and the camera should detach from the wall.

Removing a Nest Cam outdoor IQ


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