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Nest thermostat software update stuck

If your Google Nest thermostat stalls, freezes or gets stuck during a software update, a simple restart should let it finish the download and installation.

Generally, how long it takes for a thermostat update to finish will depend on the quality of your thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection to the internet.

If the update takes more than 15 minutes, try restarting your thermostat.

Restart your thermostat

  1. Hold down the thermostat ring for 10 seconds, or until the screen turns off.
  2. Let go of the ring to restart the thermostat. You'll see the Nest home logo animation as it starts up. Your thermostat should automatically finish installing the new software. After it's finished, your thermostat will restart twice.

Note: If your thermostat becomes stuck while updating software during initial setup, it will resume the set-up after the update has finished.

How to confirm that the software has been updated

You can check your thermostat’s software version by going to Settings  Nest settings icon and then Software on the thermostat. You can also use the Nest app: In the top right corner of the app home screen, tap Settings Nest settings icon and then select your thermostat > scroll down and tap Technical Info.


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