How to check Detect’s open/close sensor or change whether it’s installed on a door, window or wall

If Google Nest Detect doesn’t seem to be sensing open/close activity correctly, you can check its sensors. In addition, if you moved Detect to a new spot, you’ll need to tell the Nest app whether you moved the Detect to a door, window or wall.

This article shows you how to use the Check setup option in the Nest app. Check setup serves two purposes:

  • Testing Detect’s open/close sensor: The Nest app will guide you through this. During the test, the app will have you open the door or window to figure out whether Detect is picking up your activity.
  • Moving Detect to a new location in your home: If you decide to change where your Detect is installed, you’ll need to use the Check setup option to update Detect’s placement information. For example, you might be moving your Detect from a door to a wall. Detect looks for different things depending on where it’s installed, so it’s important to update this info in the Nest app.

Either way, see the steps below to learn how to use the Check setup option in the Nest app.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you’re in your home near the Detect you’re checking or moving. You can’t do this remotely.
  • If you’re moving your Detect to a new location, go ahead and install it in the new location now. Refer to the section about moving a Detect in the article “How to move your Google Nest Secure alarm system.” Then you can proceed with the steps below.

How to use the Check setup option

  1. From the Nest app home screen, select Settings Nest settings icon.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Scroll down the list of products and select the Detect
    you want to test or update placement information for.
  4. Select Check setup.
  5. The Nest app will walk you through the process. This
    includes confirming where Detect is installed (door,
    window or wall), and, if needed, opening the window or
    door to confirm that the Detect is sensing open/close activity.

If Detect isn’t sensing your activity, see the following article.

Troubleshooting when Detect fails a motion or open/close detection test >

What to do next

If you were just checking Detect’s setup and it passed the test, you’re done.

If you moved Detect to a new location in your home, there’s one more
step before you’re done: you’ll need to update Detect’s location name
in the Nest app. That way, when your Detect senses activity, the Nest
app will be able to tell you where it happened. You’ll find this option
in Settings Nest settings icon > Security > (select your Detect) > Placement > Space.

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