Learn about the Nest app’s “What To Do” for Nest Protect

The Nest app’s What To Do feature helps you plan for an emergency by offering advice about fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide safety. When there’s danger, you’ll also see essential tips and an emergency number to call so you can act quickly.

Note: This feature is only available if you have added a Google Nest Protect to the Nest app.

To explore What To Do, just select Nest
Protect in the Nest app on your phone,
tablet, or computer. Then tap or click on
 Settings Nest settings icon in the top right corner. You'll see
What To Do in the menu list.
Nest app
On the main menu, you can choose to learn
about either Smoke or Carbon Monoxide
safety. Carbon monoxide is an odorless,
invisible, and poisonous gas.
Nest app "Learn and prepare" screen

Emergency contact

Of course, it helps to have an emergency
contact handy instead of searching through
your phone when every second counts. You'll
get a reminder to enter one.

How to add or change your emergency
contact with the Nest app >

Nest app "Set your emergency contact" screen

Emergency planning

We also show you how to create a complete
evacuation plan for your family with a
meeting place outside so everyone knows
where to go.
Nest app "Make and prepare an escape plan" screen

Smoke and fire

We've included essential tips about how to
exit safely in an emergency, how to check
doors to avoid danger, and how to pick a
meeting place outside.
Nest app "What to do in a fire" screen

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is invisible and
odorless so you may not realize the danger.
When CO levels rise, you can get headaches,
become dizzy, and get confused, so it's
helpful to know in advance what to do.

You'll also learn about common sources of
carbon monoxide, the symptoms of CO
poisoning and what to do in case of a CO

Nest app Know where carbon monoxide comes from screen

During an emergency

When an emergency happens and Nest
Protect sounds an alarm, the Nest app will
give you helpful tips to stay safe.The
emergency contact number that you entered
will also pop up so you can simply press the
button to quickly call.
Nest app "What to do during an emergency" screen
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