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Learn about video alarm verification with Nest cameras

Video alarm verification lets your Google Nest camera send a video clip to your professional security monitoring service to help provide extra information, improve response time and identify false alarms. It works with most alarm systems that support professional monitoring. You can only sign up for video alarm verification through a home security dealer.

How video alarm verification works 

  • Video alarm verification provides important information to your professional monitoring service that can help reduce response time and identify false alarms.
  • When your security alarm sounds, your pro monitoring service will request a video clip from your Nest camera so the responding agent can see what’s happening. The clips will be around 30 seconds long.
  • If needed, the responding agent can also request clips from other cameras that you have participating in video alarm verification.
  • Clips of alarm events are saved to your camera’s clip library so you can view them anytime you want.

          How to view Nest camera video clips >

Requirements for video alarm verification 

To qualify for video alarm verification you need:

  • At least one Nest camera in your account in the Nest app (If you don’t have one already, you can purchase one though your security dealer when you sign up for video alarm verification).
  • A Google Nest Aware subscription for all cameras you want to enroll in the service
  • An alarm system that is covered by a professional monitoring service. Check with your home security dealer to make sure your system will work with video alarm verification for Nest cameras.
  • A monitoring service that offers video alarm verification

Note: Video alarm verification for Nest Secure is coming soon, but is not currently supported.

How to sign up for video alarm verification 

Nest does not provide the video alarm verification service, so you’ll need to contact a local home security dealer and ask about video alarm verification for Nest Cam. Typically, a dealer rep will come to your home, ask a few questions and set up your cameras. Here’s a quick preview:

  1. If you already have an alarm system and pro monitoring service, contact your monitoring service provider and ask about video alarm verification with Nest cameras.

    If you don’t have an alarm system or pro monitoring service, contact a security dealer that offers video alarm verification.

    Your dealer may also be able to sell and set up Nest Cams for you, if you don’t have them already.

  2. If you have more than one Nest camera, your dealer will ask which cameras you want to participate.

  3. Your service provider can also link Nest cameras to specific security sensors in your home. So for instance, the Nest Cam in your living room will forward its video when the living room sensor is tripped.

How to cancel or change your service

Contact your security dealer to cancel video alarm verification service, change which cameras are participating, or to manage other features.

How to disable video clips

If you want to immediately disable sending video clips to your pro monitoring service, you can remove the Works with Nest connection with the Nest app. Go to How to remove a Works with Nest connection for more detailed instructions.

Note: Keep in mind that this will not cancel your video alarm verification subscription, so you’ll have to call your security dealer if you want to end it.

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